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Free «Healthcare Facility: Birthing Care Center» Essay Sample


For any kind of healthcare, the consumer always expects to have best of the services and facilities. It is a mode, where any consumer hardly thinks of the expensiveness; if right kind of services and facilities are provided to him. This paper presents a report about an assessment of healthcare facilities that can be provided in a birthing care center for a consumer. The center that has been selected for the purpose is Advanced GYN Clinic, 6464 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33150.

Birthing Care Center

As declared by Collins English Dictionary (1995), birthing center stands for ‘a private maternity hospital’. The purpose of a birthing care center is an exclusive persuasion of providing healthcare services through well trained professional nurses, midwives and obstetricians. There should be best of the services for the mothers in labor. They need to get adequate assistance by doulas and appropriate coaches. The birth care centre must have absolute hospitality to laboring mothers. There should be provision for doulas to assist midwives in order to make birth much easier and relaxing. Professional midwives need to monitor labor, and as per the well-being of mother and foetus. Added to this there is the need for all kinds of medical and nursing attention made available for both mother and child; before, during and after birth.



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The hospital that I visited was Advanced GYN Clinic, 6464 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33150. It has got a well equipped birthing care centre. It has been well facilitated by high tech maternity wards with very well trained professionals for serving their clients. There is an absolute home-like environment and is much better than any labor ward. The hospital authority added this particular centre with more relevant options during labor. There are the provisions for food and drink, soothing music and above all attendance from family and closest friends; only if preferred by the mother. There are also inclusions of non-institutional furniture. These are marked by the provision of queen-sized beds, for both mother and the father. The centre too got birthing tubs and sophisticated showers for ‘water births’. These are made available as per the choice of the mother.

The interior decor of Advanced GYN Clinic is very smooth and that inspires a lot for normal and relaxed environment for birth. There is enough scope for any woman to act freely during their birth giving session. They can also practice for activities like walking, squatting or performing any kind of yoga or exercise for a comfortable birth. There are sessions that support these women for an active birth. After the birth occurs the mothers are kept in the birth center for 6 hours and then they are allowed to go home for a new beginning. Within six hours all kinds of medical attentions were provided to the newborn and the mother.

Important Aspects

There are some tips that are recommended for Advanced GYN Clinic. These are about some amount requirements that no medical facility provider can ignore when taking care of a pregnant woman. She needs to get all kinds of facilities to attain active and safe child birth. These should be provided in the birthing care center. The foremost thing that any birthing care center needs to provide is the scope for mental support to the mother. She must be taken care of for an uncomplicated, comparatively much low-risk pregnancy. Cases like twin births, vaginal births caused after cesarean section and complicated breech babies should not be allowed at free-standing birth centers (Hodnett, 2005). Appropriate hospital backups are important in every case. Since complicacies during labor and child birth are unpredictable there should be enough backup for every risk. The idea for free-standing birthing center is usually should not be preferred in any case. Prepared nurses, midwives and professional obstetricians are compulsions for every birthing care centre.

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The facilities in a birthing care center should be well sophisticated. There should be enough provision for a woman to attain all kinds of recreational functions. Positive aspirations along with luxury and comfortable stay add more to the preferences for any consumer. Added to all kinds of medical, spiritual and mental comfort, the birthing center must have proper scope for exercises and yoga classes. Selective instructors, for dealing with pregnant women should be made a part of it. The psychology of pregnant women is usually different from what she basically has got. It is thus important to have proper counselors and psychotherapist for providing her with more healthier and positive attitude.


It can be thus well concluded that birthing care centers adjacent to hospitals are of great support to any pregnant women. In these centers the woman can have enough support in attaining the process of giving birth to a healthy child. However to make these birthing care center more appropriate for its clients there are absolute need for all kinds of additional scopes and facilities made available in these centers. Provisions for professional nurses, midwives and obstetricians are mandatory (Lederman, 2005). Added to this the residing facilities must be well accommodated. For every individual mother the room décor and the arrangements should be made with customized attention. Additional beds for attendants, recreational modes, music, good food and healthy drinks are some of the most important provisions that a birthing care center should provide. In order to get more preferences from the consumer, there should be the provision for physical exercise and yoga instructors in the birthing care center. Official counselors and psychopaths add more reliability to the switching mode of pregnant women and thus should be made a part of these centers. As a whole with all kinds of soothing accessories the birthing care center must have proper manual and managerial assistance available round the clock.


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