Free «Parenting Styles and Parenting Stress» Essay Sample

The research on parenting stress and parenting style in the community has used quantitative research methods. The survey followed a quantitative research with quantitative methods of collecting data being used. The methods of collecting data that were used were questionnaires. The questionnaires used contained likert scale questions. The likert scales used to collect data varied from one variable to another. There are variables that had four likert scale questions while other had five. The analysis of data was done using regression and correlation analysis. The data was regressed in order to give the correlation between the dependent and independent variables of the survey. The alternative method for collecting data is structured interviews while the data could be analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS).

The dependent variable in the survey was the parental styles while the independent variables were the parenting stress, marital quality and parenting alliance. The R2 tells the percentage of the variation in the dependant variable that the model explains. From the analyzed data, it is clear that the model explains 28%, 22% and 41% of parenting styles basing on mother’s authority, father’s authority and father’s authoritarian parenting styles. The results are significant given the high F values with low p values. As the marital quality improves, so does the parenting style. Additionally, father’s marital quality and total parenting stress inventory affects parenting style positively, as they increase, the parenting style changes to better parenting styles.

The pilot study focused on the relationships among parenting stress (PS), marital and parenting relationship quality, and parenting styles in a community sample of 79 mothers and fathers of 8-12 year olds. Since there is little research that has been conducted in the impact of parenting styles on the child’s behavior and academic performance, future studies should focus on this topic.


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