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Emotology deck of cards together with EQD re-creational guidelines are used to establish the emotional stress balance of a person. The project can be done once the guidelines on how to play that EQD games are provided. The players are expected to understand the rules of the game as well the overall purpose of playing the game. The game can be played as teams or support group at home, school or in the work place. The teams can be drawn from friends and colleagues whom we share common concern with such as classmates, housemates and close confidents, (Bernwel, 1980).

Lwanga says that the games has a lot of importance in psychology and can be used to enhance the development of emotional intelligence and wisdom. The game provides an effective way of strengthening emotional status and growth of people at low cost. It can be used in organizations to help the members manage emotional levels. Despite the game working well with psychological principles, it cannot be used as a substitute for the professional therapy, (Lwanga, 1996).



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The players’ responses to the games were very encouraging. Most players showed interest in the games which went a long way in improving the emotional status of the individual players. A number of games were player; one at a time with the players learning the rules of each game before playing. The game on gave the players an opportunity to express the sometimes obvious and hidden messages elicited by the cards displayed. This led to reflect upon the experience and what they understood about human emotions, their kind and significance of the emotion.

The games enable the players to review and reflect on the patterns of their emotions, the possible causes of the current emotional state and the dynamics in his or her emotional life, (Bernwel, 1980).  The response to the game gave the players an opportunity to have an insight into their personal life and share some of the emotional challenges with the aim of developing efficiency in emotional management and regulation. In advanced games, there were instances where the players sensed and felt that there might be something going on with one of their teammates; perhaps one player have an unresolved emotional dilemma. The other members would request one of them to explore and give more information about their secrets in their emotional life. This kind of response assisted in resolving serious and emotional dilemmas in individual players.

 After the discussion, the players concluded that emotions are not just human feelings that we sometimes feel, but they have a message that is communicating to us. Zedeck say that “we should be ready to listen to our emotions as they speak a lot about us”. This message is very important in managing stress level and for emotional growth, (Zedeck, 1992)

 The responses of individual players on the outcomes of the games we played were positive. The players we able to better manage their stress levels at the end of the game. Although the main objective of playing the games was for fun than for educational purpose, the end results proved otherwise. Every player confessed at the end of the semester that the project was more educating than they expected.

According to Bernwel, humans experience frequent alterations of subjective state in response to information in day to day life; which is full of experiences. The kind of response we give often is expressed outwardly in a way that may be involuntary. The experiences motivate action and may cause a change in one’s perception about self and the surrounding. These experiences are often referred to as ‘emotions’. Emotion can be defined as the complex psychophysiological experience of the mind state as it interacts with biochemical and environmental factors. Emotions in humans involve physiological arousal that is expressed in behaviors. The expressive behaviors in humans can be associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation, (Bernwel, 1980).

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Emotions arise could arise from cultural conditioning or association combined with the basic emotions which are referred to as primary emotions. The primary emotions blend to form a wide spectrum full of human emotions. For example anger and disgust could blend to form contempt which is a complex emotional state, (Bernwel, 1980). 

Bernwel adds that an emotional state such as feeling of guilt evolves from primary emotions such as regret and sympathy. The primary emotions arise due to cultural rather than biological causes. The experiences the occur in the environment may cause one to develop the emotion of sympathy while regret comes as a result of failed action or an action leading to unwanted outcome. The combination of the two places an individual in a situation does not want to harm beneficial relationships and at the same time is motivated to repair damage done to such relationships. The situation leads to the feeling of guilt, (Bernwel, 1980).  

The emotion is common when one has done something wrong and regrets having done the same; but does not want to own up and admit doing it because of the consequences. Through our personal reflection of the experiences surrounding our life guided by the outcomes of the game; the responses given indicate that guilt feeling if common. Often people experience the guilt when they are guilty of doing or not doing something. From EQD games, we learned how to detect the guilt and manage the experience. Because of the complex nature of the guilt emotion, it is not possible to have a universal facial or postural expression of guilt, (Zedeck, 1992).

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The project has been of much benefit both psychologically and education wise. I have learned how to manage stress and rising emotional levels in my life. The project has given me a wider understanding of human emotions; their causes and ways managing emotions effectively. The games have been full of fun and interesting experiences. 


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