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Free «The U.S. health care cost» Essay Sample

The U.S. health care cost is on a skyrocketing trend since the economic crisis of 2008. This has led poor administering of health care to the citizens primarily due to low pay by the government to public health workers. In order for the government to ensure a national delivery of high quality primary health care it has to embark on nationwide incentive-oriented programmes. These alternative ways include giving financial incentives to physicians and health workers as they are generally underpaid and this would sure increase their performance standards. Also another alternative involves employing more health workers to cover shortcomings of labor force found in the health industry. States should incorporate and fund the introduction of information technology infrastructure into health facilities as this would eventually reduce physicians’ paperwork hence having enough time to attend to patients. Making use of cost sharing method in offering health care would ensure that all the citizens receive care Kovner, et al., 2011).



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For the U.S. government to ensure that all of its citizens make use of primary health care rather than going for the costlier specialty services, they have to ensure that primary health care is improved in terms of quality and delivery to patients.

The choice of health provider by individuals is greatly determined by the design of payment system offered by the providers in that the person has to go for the payment mode that suits his/her pocket. For instance, if the provider only accepts cash and no insurance cover offered then the patient would have to go for the providers who accept covers by insurance agencies.

From the case study there are several health ideas which when applied in U.S. could bring a tremendous positive changes in the primary health care and they include making policies to ensure that health care is a right to every citizen, adoption of electronic health records (EHR), making sure that citizens have a say in health care decision making, and creating a general, universal, and a almost free national health care system that ensures equal access to rehabilitative, curative, and preventive services.

Thomas Zeltner’s idea of terming health care reforms to be never ending is correct and I think Switzerland should embark on employing many physicians and increase their pay as this would definitely increase the manpower to handle patients and likewise boost their morale hence providing high quality health care.

Address of sodium consumption in American by the use of medical model health care plans which would basically dwell on advising the patients to properly use their medications and make sure that they finish their doses so as to ensure proper healing is attained. Whereas public health workers would focus on the use of population health model whereby he/she would advice and educate the citizens on how consumption of large amounts of sodium is a great health risk and advice them against consuming such products which have high content of sodium.

The government should go to great depths in ensuring that its population remains healthful all the time by putting in place policies to protect their citizens against exposure to unhealthy environments. For instance in food consumption the government has to ensure that all companies making foods and beverages adhere to the laid down requirements for a health product.

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People who have salt sensitive illnesses have to be exposed to common food products which has low content of sodium even if it means exposing everyone to the same products so as to cushion them against consumption of high sodium products.

Also the manufacturers have to produce different food versions so as to cater for everyone including those hit by illnesses emanating from food contents and the government has to ensure that they make more and more healthy foods so as to ensure that the population remains health. They are supposed to be liable for any products they make and if it causes harm to people stern measures must be taken against them (Kovner, et al., 2011).


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