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Free «Solving the American Health Care Crisis» Essay Sample

50% of health care expenditure in the U.S. is funded publicly by the state, county, and federal government under several programs like Medicaid, Veteran Administration (VA), and Medicare. This operation causes a system that is fragmented and compartmentalized hence hard to manage the overall country’s healthcare. The government has to compact all these departments so as to ensure efficient delivering of healthcare (Malhotra).

Pharmaceutical companies consume a lot of finances on drug prescription advertisements as compared to their expenditure on development and research. Also drug companies give out misleading information in their advertisement campaigns so as to attract customers and consequently increase their income earnings. This are major issues which need to be addressed by the federal government in conjunction with the health private sector and media industry to curb this menace and enact stern measures against falseful advertisements (Malhotra).

Doctors apply defensive medicine practices due to fear of getting sued. For instance they evade carrying out risky procedures, and doing hospital referrals to visit other doctors. This sort of practice has definitely led to wastage of American health care resources and a parallel high cost in heath care. The U.S. government has to set laws protecting doctors against groundless lawsuits and strict penalties against those practicing them (Malhotra).



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Quantity of paperwork in healthcare has increased substantively throughout the years and this has definitely increased the cost of healthcare as they have to cover those expenses. The government in conjunction with the private sector has to bring technology into the health sector by introducing electronic health records saving technique as it is more efficient, time saving hence increasing overall productivity in the sector (Malhotra).

This Medicare program is much complex and it increases the overall deficit of the federal government. Several flaws are evident in this program hence it’s of importance that the government reviews these policies so as to reduce the cost of healthcare in the country (Malhotra).

Convincing the legislature to cut the eligibility levels several advantages including increasing the government’s revenue as it won’t be using much finances to cover the citizens Medicare. Reducing the number of people covered by the Medicaid bill would make people work hard so as to improve their financial capabilities. Disadvantages of cutting the eligibility levels would definitely deem many people not covered by the Medicaid bill as unemployment level in the U.S. is high. Since the poor won’t be able to cover for their health insurance and due to the cost of healthcare, this could increase the fatalities and reduce the country’s lifespan as many citizens won’t be getting the proper healthcare (Michael Sparer et al).

Imposing administrative burdens to the program makes it more difficult to apply for coverage. This would increase work rate of the citizens so as to cover for their own healthcare. On the other hand this could be very detrimental since many Americans won’t be able to afford for their own healthcare insurance (Michael Sparer et al).

Cutting the Medicaid benefits could raise the federal government’s revenue as they won’t spend much on covering those beneficiaries of this Medicaid scheme. This could increase the state’s economic development as they would channel those funds to other meaningful activities like in education. Cutting these benefits would definitely impact negatively to the citizens since many aren’t able to cover for their healthcare. Also this would make the federal government not offer financial assistance to the Medicaid program as they do so if the program has covered a wide range of benefits (Michael Sparer et al).

Cutting reimbursements causes a major cost savings to the Medicaid program. This makes them able to cover many citizens as this savings makes them have finances to cover them. This would be reflected positively in enhancing the state’s overall healthcare. On the other hand reducing the repayment rates would impact negatively to the citizens as they won’t be able to cover for their healthcare as the repayments offered are not enough to cover it. This could also lead to erosion of the whole program as many of the organizations supporting the initiative would quit (Michael Sparer et al).

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Cutting of pharmaceutical costs would definitely boost the overall healthcare in the state as many people will be able to afford drugs. But this would be a disadvantage to the manufacturers and drug companies as they like imposing high prices so that they attain maximum profits (Michael Sparer et al).

Encouragement of a more managed healthcare would be benefactions to all as it ensures a more effective healthcare id offered to the citizens. Also with proper management of this program would definitely increase the life expectancy of Americans as everyone would be obtaining good healthcare (Michael Sparer et al).

Imposing co-pays would cut the costs of the Medicaid program hence increasing their finances although this could bring a burden to the insured as he/she has to contribute some amount from pocket to cover his/her healthcare expenses (Michael Sparer et al).


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