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Education at the workplace has become one fashionable idea for many companies that seek to improve their operations and transform their results tremendously. On the job education is one that does not interrupt the daily operations. No employee will request for leave periods because education moments will be scheduled to fit in well with the overall company working hours. Education at the workplace enables the company to assess its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. In this way education can be directed to core areas within the system so that improvements can be made easily. Managers will also enjoy working better skilled employees. Education programs are aimed at improving the existing knowledge held by many employees. This program also ensures that the rate of employee turnover is kept as low as possible (Nova Scotia Canada, 2013)

Within many companies employee conflicts do exist especially because of varying age brackets and other issues to do with experience. Education at the workplace tends to level up things so that the playground becomes normal for everyone. Communication skills will be improved greatly and this will contribute positively towards better performance results. Other benefits include operational effectiveness and efficiency. The company will be able to work with a lean workforce that produces the best results under minimum supervision. When education is available, employees tend to clear their minds by asking several questions touching on various dockets. For example, performance appraisal procedures will be understood by them easily only if the correct education is provided.

On the other hand, education at the workplace has several demerits that should be understood before venturing into it. Managers require knowledgeable coordinators to prepare areas that should be studied by employees. This will ensure that there is a clear focus. However, the procedure may be costly to the company if all the employees are allowed to learn. Many employees tend to avoid change and education should adjust their thinking to accept flexibility and also responsiveness to change.


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