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Personal responsibility is a pre requisite in the success of a college student. Personal responsibility is a virtue in the contemporary life as it enhances the student’s rightful decision-making in diverse circumstances. Good performance is a result of personal responsibility. A disciplined student has a good chance of yielding good results in the college. It is obviously judicious to exercise personal responsibility. It is the conformation of the society values. The society is yardstick in the behavior of an individual. The best practices are equivalent to good deeds in the society. The failure of students to exercise personal responsibility has no remedy.  There is no justification for misbehavior. It pays a lot to do the right thing. There is no pay off for misbehavior. Cheeky students find no menu for success. They are always faced with risky challenges. The ability to account for your actions is a reflection of personal responsibility. This is the key and determinant to success. Research shows that there is a positive correlation between good academic performance and personal responsibility. Otherwise, it could be negative correlation between performance and personal irresponsibility. Abduction of responsibility is a wayward behavior and gross misconduct.



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Every society has a set of standards for conformity. The acceptance of the societal norms, values and standards is in line with success. The essence of law in every institution is to guide the students on the dos and don’ts. College students ought not to perceive law and rules in an institution as limit of their freedom. Good freedom should have a limit as a sign of responsibility. Guidance is crucial especially to college students who face various challenges. College students face such challenges as drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behavior, and peer influence. The desire to acquire riches without hard work is another challenge (Martins, 2009).


A good plan will enable a college student to lead an outright life while being in college. It is widely known that if you fail to plan, you should also plan to fail. This is a common saying among the common people in the society. The first step is to accept the set standards and rules, which are there to guide college students. The need to account and justify your actions is outright good behavior in the institution of learning. Every successful institution has set rules and regulations, which dictate what ought to be done. It is always wise to be at the right place and in the right time. This is a sign of discipline. Discipline is similar to personal responsibility in most cases.

It is good to understand your strengths and weaknesses while in college. This will enable right allocation of time and resources by the student. It is necessary to allocate relatively high resources and time to weak points and relatively low resources to strong point. Time is also known to be a resource in economics. Every resource has money value and is scarce. These are the main attributes of a resource. Time qualifies to be a resource as from the two attributes.

The immediate environment shapes our behavior. We should not blame our families, institutions and friends for our own failures. We need to take responsibility first as it is our duty to make the right decisions. The focal areas of exercising responsibility will include a group, family and vulnerable situations. Some of the other areas are education, marriage, working environment, stress management, and sexual behavior. Most educations expound responsibility as a strong indicator of success. It is no vain to believe in the same thought. The determinants to success are hard work and taking responsibility.  Hardworking involves doing all the assignments and personal reading to acquire necessary learning materials (Martins, 2009).

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The participation in co-curricular activities boasts academic performance. It refreshes the mind and raises the absorption rate of the mind. You need to spend time with friends to brainstorm on the path to success. Participation in sports activities and a lot of travelling is crucial. Time management is a delicate issue among most students. It needs careful thinking and consideration. There is need to balance between academic work and co-curricular activities. It is wrong to over-emphasize sporting activities. Personal responsibility aids in efficient time management. Fruitful results arise from personal responsibility (Martins, 2009).

A good student will have study chart and plan. The ability to implement the chart is a sign of success in the college life of the student. Strategic reading embraces allocation of indices to study activities. A time schedule to cover academic work and co-curricular activities is a reflection of the realities of responsibility and hard work on the part of the student.

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The essay is an outline of success in college. Various issues and strategies have been discussed. They include time management, discipline, rules, standards, and others.  Hard work and personal responsibility are crucial for one to succeed in the college life.  There is need to balance between academic work and enhancement of street intelligence. 


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