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Free «A person with AIDS and the Advocate Role Paper» Essay Sample

Advocacy is the act of striving on behalf of others to achieve their essentials in life. It is based in different field of human services that comprises of a population. Despite the various field of human services, population of homeless is the specific field discussed below. A person who does not have a permanent habitat is the one termed to be homeless. Advocates are required to be knowledgeable of the subject and facts of the population. They need to be aware of the reason behind the alarming rate of homeless people and be able to spend time with the population especially in their shuttered shelters. It is also advisable for the advocates to mingle with the other advocates who have engaged themselves in the issue before since it enhance a better sense of viewing the issue in question. The education aspect shapes an effective advocate.

The advocates struggle to solve the various problems encountered by the homeless people. The main problems are; housing, domestic violence, medication and education. The advocates try to empower the population by showing them how to come up with the rights changes. This is made possible when the advocates help them set goals, locate resources, equip them with knowledge of the available resources and show them how to change policies that hinders them towards their goals (William, 2010). The advocates try to show the population the direction of solving their disputes without depending upon others by convincing them that their desires of good lifestyle are achievable via their efforts and determination.


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However, advocacy plays a role of creating a bond of interest with the government, organization and the community of the homeless population. This helps the advocates to come up with a strategy of helping the homeless. This enhances negotiation between the landlords in housing sectors whereby they tend to decrease their housing rate, and the government agrees to offer funds to the homeless (Yeheskel, 2009). There is formation of groups that helps to fight against domestic violence by taking lawful action in case of any reported incident. Good housing enhance good health since people mostly become ill due to the exposure of unhealthy environment, and the government as well sets up health facilities in different location. The advocates share the education they gather and convince the youths to go to school. It is true to state that advocacy is an essential and helpful process in the field of human services as it influences decisions that affect the prosperity of another group of people (William, 2010).


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