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Free «Career as an Ornithologist» Essay Sample

An ornithologist career is one that deals with specialization of the identification and classification of the various types of birds. Ornithologist studies physiology, biology, ecology behavior and surroundings of birds. Some ornithologists put more emphasis on the nature and learning capabilities of precise species and whereas others emphasize on the conservation and the development of the ecosystem. Despite the fact that all ornithologists study birds, their works contrast ever since diverse ornithologists may perhaps have focuses of study that are different. For instance, a scientist may devote his work to the study of how birds evolve, some look at the studies of how birds basically interact with their surroundings or study the regulation of the population of birds and how birds are distributed across the world. The study that is done by ornithologists may be categorized as either applied research or basic (Newton 179). Basic research entails study done in a simple way to increase information, whereas applied research entails study done wit the goal of discovering resolutions to challenges, such as problems in the conservation of the wild birds.Ornithologists typically need at least a bachelor degree in ornithology, zoology, or other related field. The requirements to a person for the profession as an ornithologist require one to have gained a master or doctorate degree. Ornithologists usually deal with courses that encounter with the wildlife biology, anatomy ecology, data collection and evolution. Numerous ornithologists get through their internships or get hold of jobs that are part-time in fields such as assistants at zoos, or other services in order to obtain concrete experience in the biology field as a whole (Lewis 200).



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Several ornithologists link themselves to the line of professional systems such as the American Ornithologists’ Union and also the Wilson Ornithological Society so as to endure with the competition in the field. Ornithologists, in most cases, complete extended education and extra training all through their professions to maintain their expertise and keep them current with the progressions in the biology and environment field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the ratio of employment for wildlife biologists and zoologistsis likely to rise at a rate of an approximate of 7% from the year 2010 to 2020. This increase is at a sluggish rate than the regular for all professions. Ornithologists who have doctoral degrees will carry on having the highest figures of employment alternatives as a result of their advanced stages of education and skills (Lewis 210).

In they year 2012, the average yearly income for ornithologists is an approximate of 44,000 dollars; normal yearly ornithologist pays differ depending on factors such as, an employer, the location of the individual, the education level, benefits and skills (Gill 67). A profession as an ornithologist is a good choice for individuals who have resilient interest in nature and particularly in the various types of birds. These scientists ought to have a concrete understanding of the notions and strategies of ornithology sector. They, thus, ought to have calculated skills and in-depth familiarity with scientific approaches of observation detail orientation, thinking in an analytical manner. In addition, Ornithologists ought to have worthy communication and interactive skills and aptitude to intermingle with various people from different professionals. Lastly, these people need to be capable of frequent working outdoors and at times in a climate that is not desirable for their health. Independent working is also another necessity of the ornithologists filed.

The advantages of the study or a career as an ornithologist are that, firstly, with a progressive degree in the field of ornithology and experience in this sector one may secure a job of teaching at colleges and the university. The scientists may perhaps give lectures to the graduate and undergraduate courses. An individual with a master's or bachelor's degree is likely to qualify to lecture high school for subjects such as general science biology and the natural science. Second, this is a profession that has a rewarding pay, it is less competitive and is adventurous for those who love nature. Finally, a career as an ornithologist allows a person who has the desire to learn birds to fulfill his or her passion while, at the same time, making a living out of the passion. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages that are associated with this profession, first, there are times when these individuals are forced to work under harsh conditions such as under rainy tropical forests or too much heat, they also risk being attacked by other dangerous animals while conducting their research, in addition, some birds are harmful to human beings, thus making it a challenge. Second, this course is not broad in terms of job opportunities, a person who has undertaken this course is limited to work in particular organizations or settings (Allen 122).

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Occupations that are linked with the ornithologist include such as a zoologist, this is a sector that entails the study of the animal life. It includes the study of the classification, origin, behavior and the structure of animals. A wildlife biologist is another occupation that is closely connected to an ornithologist; it involves scientists who conduct research on the wildlife while, at the same time, ensuring protectionThe prospects for a occupation of an ornithologist is that the employment of all biological researchers, as well as ornithologists, is anticipated to grow more rapidly than the average  growth for all occupations, there is an expectation of an increase in employment to  21% by the end of 2018. The ever-increasing demand for people to study the wide range of birds is one of the factors that will contribute to the growth of this job development (Gill 23).

Employment prospects ought to be abundant with some competition for research places. Ornithologists who have acquired advanced education and extensive training skills will have the finest job chances. Some employment openings will rise from the necessity to substitute ornithologists that retire, resign, transfer, or leave the field for personal causes (Gill 45).

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The main responsibilities of ornithologists include conducting of research with samples in a laboratory or in the outdoors research; this is due to the researches of various birds in their different natural habitats. Ornithologists who carry out simple research ought to submit suggestions of their research plans and goals to organizations, such as institutions of higher education and government organizations, in order to acquire funding for their research schemes. As a rule, scientists of this field who are involved in applied research do not select their own subjects to research on. Instead, there are set of the guiding principles by their managers concerning the way to emphasis their research. In the process of their research, ornithologists need to keep each and every account of the statistics collected and then compose reports on the found results (Mary 250).

Below there are questions that one is likely to ask in case of opportunity to have an interview with an ornithologist:

1. What tools do ornithologists use in their jobs?

2. What is the typical day of an ornithologist?

3. Which is your favorite bird?

4. How did you develop interest to become an ornithologist?

5. What is the average pay of an ornithologist?

6. What is someone supposed to do upon coming across a sick bird?

7. Which organizations are likely to employ an individual with a degree in Ornithology?

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8. How is job advancement reached in this sector of biology?

9. What are the responsibilities of an ornithologist?

10. What is the future of the occupation of an ornithologist?


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