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Civil war had a great impact on the American society. The source of rivalry between the North and the South resulted mainly from the different ways of life. The North relied entirely on industrialization for it economy while the South based its economy on agriculture.  The field of agriculture required a lot of man power that was offered by the slaves imported from Africa. Moreover, the North was against the slave trade and advocated for it abolishment. This made the south fear that they only source of labor was being threatened which would have a negative impact on their agricultural sector.

Impact on daily life

The daily life activities were totally destructed by the war. Men and boys were drafted and taken abroad to fight. Women were taken to provide labor in the factories hence filling the positions left buy the men. Young women had little opportunities for marriage as most of the men became casualties. The civil war led to the separation of families, which affected the children as they had less time to spend with their family members.



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Impact on the economy

The civil war had a massive impact on the American economy. Imports and exports from many states were halted since both the North and the South were involved.  Different states used their own materials for the war hence could not trade.

The economy of the south was taking a huge blow after the war due to the   abolition of trade from which they relied for labor.  This meant that, they had to find other sources of labor for their plantations.  Public debt and taxation rate increased during most conflicts among the states. Through taxation, different state could raise money to fund the war activities.

Inflation is also another issue that highly affected the economy of the American society.  The South facilitated inflation during the civil war as it printed a lot of money to supplement the war. This resulted due the government high level of spending in wars the effect could be either felt at the moment or could develop afterwards.

Impact on politics

At the end, the North won the civil war, and since the South had no other option, they were forced to rejoin the United States.  As a result, the South released the slaves it had acquired. Politically, the South was out ruled by the North which was more politically stable. This affected it not only politically but also economically.

Impact on diplomacy

This is a complex and challenging practice of fostering relationships around the world with an aim of solving certain issued. It was not an easy task in the United States since both south and the North had different ties with different countries such as France and the Great Britain.

To win the civil war meant that the North had to put a lot towards conquering the vast territories and at the same time smash the will of the southern people. However, the only railroad available to transport large military forces required for the war, restricted the strategic suppleness of the union commanders which made the southern army enjoyed operating in a compassionate and supportive environment.

The diplomatic contest was less important because the war was eventually decided on the battleground. In 1860, a state of detente prevailed between the Europeans powers and the United States. Both Britain and France had economic ties with the North and the South which made them value the United States as a check against the ambitions of other European powers. This made it very difficult to implement diplomacy.

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Generally, civil war had a lot of impact in the American society; socially, politically, and economically. A lot of people lost their lives during the war leaving children as orphans. Due to usage of huge amounts of money in the war, the economy of the American society depreciated affecting different sectors. Inflation brought about by the South, contributed to the deterioration of the economy. The war destroyed the relationship of the American society with other states.


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