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Organizations are becoming competitive, and the performing art industry is faced with new entrants each day. To be competitive, organizations need to come up with new ways of doing things so as to gain competitive advantage over its competitors. On this issue, I have decided to conduct a research on ways in which on ways in which our company can gain competitive advantage through the use of modern technology. I work in a theater where live performance is our major source of income.

Arts industry has been perceived as an art based industry that can survive without much involvement of technology. This has made many organizations reluctant in adapting modern technologies in their operations. In my proposal, I will talk of ways in which our company will use state of the earth facility to broadcast its live performance to individuals. In this technology, the company will be able to broadcast its programs to subscribers without them travelling to the theater. This will benefit the organization as it will give ways in which the company will achieve this objective. The major benefit for the organization is that it will increase the number of customer base to anybody who can assess the internet and are interested, but would not get the time and resources to come to the theater physically.

With this proposal, the company will increase revenue through its increased market reach and reduced expenses per person served. It does not suggest that the company will fully make its services online leaving out its premises. The premises will be expanded because there are those who would want to come physically for live performances. Revenue will also increase through adverts that will be placed when somebody logs to the company’s youtube account for streaming the live performances. This will make the company gain competitive advantage over its rivals through the increased revenues, increased customer base and state of the earth broadcasting throughout the world.


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