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Being lumped as one group, Mexican Americans, Puerto Americans and Cuban Americans have so many things in common. They are all people who came to America as visitors. Though they migrated from different places they did so many things in common. Most of the speak English and at the same time Spanish. However, we need to understand each group as a unique group and its history as well. This is because they don’t have same original home, (Cowen, Tyler, 2006).

Having migrated from Caribbean island, the Cuban Americans came to America back in year 1959 after the cold war. They are Spanish speaking people. When they came to America they didn’t change their language to English but rather made the Miami residents copy their culture but not the other way round. This saw the Miami residents adopting the Cuban economic impact and political issues. The Cuban Americans are enjoying the privileges of an American just like any other American. The y came to America to pursue their American dream.

Just like the Cuban Americans the Mexican Americans came to America in pursuit of their American dream. They originally used Spanish for communication. However after living in United States for a period of 10 years they learn speaking English. Their third generations practice only one language, English. They have taken slow progress in becoming Americans. This is due to the discrimination they faced from the beginning.

Majority of them being Roman Catholics, Puerto Americans have 25% of them living in America 55% living in Puerto Rican. There has been so much discussion in the political arena about this group of Americans. The discussion has been about whether to have them as Americans or should they fight for their independence completely from America, (James, Franklin, 1984).

It’s very important for students to understand the history of various groups of people especially the ones they are living with. This will pave way for multicultural curriculum. The students will be in a position to work anywhere regardless of the people they are working with. Racism and discrimination will come to an end and every single individual will learn how to live with others peacefully.


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