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During a performance review process, there are some rating errors that may occur. In my opinion, the most common rating errors that affect the process of complete performance reviews by the manager’s fall under 2 categories, the first and consecutive performance review rating errors.

First performance review rating errors

Some supervisors tend to be very strict in rating employees while others are very lenient.
The strict supervisor may rate a high performing employee as average and an average performer as poor. The lenient supervisor rates the average performer as a high performer and a poor performer as average.
The strict bias may make certain employees work extra hard but it can also lower the performance of some. Personal bias (Malik, 2007) is also a rating error. A male supervisor may have a personal bias towards the female employees, due to certain societal beliefs. Some employees may have high academic qualifications but lack the aggressiveness to deliver at their work places. Racism at work exists (Brimelow, 1993). Certain races are highly ranked in our society and this also exists in work places. Age is also a personal bias our society values age -the older the wiser.

Consecutive performance rating errors

This includes the high potential error of an employee (Wayne state university, 2004) may also cause rating errors in performance review process. An individual may also be rated average while you are actually a high performer due to certain events that occurred.

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