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Free «How violence affects students learning» Essay Sample

Violence has seen to take a strong toll on every human being. It has been seen that the domestic violence has been one of the main issues which is creating a very disruptive environment for the students to learn. It has been seen that students are quite vulnerable to the events which are very abusive and vulgar in approach. Recent studies in these regards have shown that the violence somehow impact not only the present but also the future of the students who are still at a young age to take impact from these events. The family education is the key to a better life for students but it can also become a nightmare if something goes wrong in the relationships in the homes. The studies depict this fact that the child who has been subjected to some kind of violence can become hyper and frustrated in his approach and can become violence creator in the future as well describing the whole nature of the impacts on violence.

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Sociologists believe that the learning is a continuous process and takes into account all the things that happen around us. According to the sociologists the change in the behavior is not important. That is when a student is objected to some kind of violence he iterates these images into his mind and may not publish them into his behavior whereas the behaviorists require change in behavior. Whatever they both state the impacts of violence are somewhat observable into the students and the affects can be seen in their learning as well. It has been observed that students have to be confident in their approach towards the learning process.

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When they are present in the class they must be attentive and take care of all their work. Someone who is subjected to violence even if he is not a victim can provide a long lasting impression on his mind that doesn’t allow him to concentrate on his studies. Quite a few researches in this field have resulted that state that domestic violence is the key to change of the behaviors for the students. The students who look at their family fighting each other form a negative image of the relationships. When these things happens the student get frustrated with the routines and can become a lone creature as well. The domestic violence is not the only problem that is present in our society today. The movies, media, protests, wars and crimes that are happening in the society all are responsible for these impacts on the students. Students at young age are very much vulnerable to these things and they perceive things in different manner from those who are young, thus resulting in more severe results.

The observed trends in students who have seen violence have become very common. The students are seen to have lacked the ability to sustain pressure. They are not able to read and write carefully. The frustration level at an early age has also been seen which makes them to retard quickly. They don’t take active part in the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

They don’t behave with respect with their elders especially teachers and their parents. They become independent in their approach and the overall learning process is shattered. More importantly at this time they very easily get into the wrong hands which nurture their negative beliefs and soon after they become a negative part of the society. The eventually ends their career, their survival as a good society man and future becomes dark. This is not the problem of the students only as the children who are not yet into schools take a very strong reaction to the battering of their mothers and the separation of their parents. All these things provide a good stage for the government to take evasive action on the laws and make a violence free environment especially for the children.


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