Free «A Reflection on My MSN Learning Outcome» Essay Sample

The MSN course has impacted my career development in many aspects. Through the course, I have mastered the art of carrying out empirical research using scholarly and peer reviewed articles in the field of clinical management and educational fields. I now know the databases to source for information that is relevant to my future development as a clinician. The second achievement I have made so far is the mastery of effective communication skill, which is of critical importance to a clinician. The classroom environment and the times I had with my mentor have boosted my communication skills. This profession requires effective communication skills because of the interaction that a clinician ought to develop when engaging with patients and other stakeholders. Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of integrating the healthcare profession with the advances in technology.

The portfolio is an important tool in the hiring process because it made me comprehend the real demands of a nurse in a healthcare institution. I am now able to bridge the gaps between my course and the real job experience. This will be vital to me when I undertake the course units that still remain. Moreover, the portfolio helped me in identifying the future career development path that I will follow. It gives a detailed account of the job requirements of a professional nurse and the expected level of workmanship.

In order to meet the challenges of technological development I have learnt the importance of integrating technology in the healthcare profession, I have learnt the importance of taking refresher courses in Information and Technology (IT). This will enable me to understand the working principles of the relevant software for clinicians and educationists. Having learnt the hiring portfolio as a hiring tool, I can now integrate my classroom learning experience towards meeting the demands of a nurse in the real job environment. This follows the effective orientation that the portfolio offers through the e-folio platform.


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