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The 2012 London Olympic Games was one of the greatest Olympics in the recent history. There was a significant role played by Mayor of London, and the Greater London Authority (GLA). The 2012 Olympic brought several benefits to London. The London community has been energized in their quest for green technology, establishment of a cohesive society. The London mayor, and GLA were given a mandate by the constitution, and the 2012 London Olympic Act to come up with policies, which were geared towards the development of the city, and the life of the people.This paper takes a critical analysis of environmental policies adopted during the 2012 London Olympic Games, and the mayor’s vision to accomplish.

Powers, and Mandate of the GLA, and the London Mayor

The Greater London Authority (GLA) had several powers, and mandates in relations to the London 2012 Olympics. The London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act of 2006 generally gave the mandates bestowed on it to it. In this act, The Mayor was mandated to head the GLA, and was accountable for the total budgets, and policies adopted by the GLA. The Mayor was mandated by the Act to perform the functions stipulated by the Act in the capacity an official to the several operational organs that are engaged in the delivery of the London Olympics 2012.In this regard, Mayor of London was in fully engaged in the management, and running of the City. In addition, The mayor was responsible in harnessing resources, designing policies, strategies, and visions. Moreover, the mayor was mandated to provide the funding necessary for various activities. Section 34 (102) of the London Olympic Act gives that power to the mayor to undertake  the 2012 London Olympic works, purchase of land, and other property that was needed in the games. The act also gave power for the stakeholders to act cooperatively or jointly with other organizations, getting into contracts, organizing agreements for the provision of services as well as improving, constructing, and adaptation of the several facilities required for the event. Furthermore, the Act was supposed to create smooth running of the event since other place, which were included in the 2012 London Olympic fell outside London.



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All the above mentioned activities that under the mandate of GLA were meant to deliver the Mayor’s goals for the 2012 Games. The goals, and objectives of the Mayor of London were coined under the commitments, and legacy the event was to leave. The first goal or objective was to enhance the sporting opportunities for the Londoners so that they can benefit more from the ports. The second objective was to make a transformation of infrastructure in London in the development of  parks, transport system, and housing program. In the addition, the event was meant to  create immediate benefits to the Londoners  by getting volunteering opportunities, new job opportunities, and businesses. Furthermore, the Olympic was supposed to enhance community cohesion through sustainable development. This was to be achieved through land management, waste management, decrease in carbon emission, and comprehensive education, and awareness to the young people. The other objective of the Mayor of London that GLA worked hard to achieve was to display London as a tourist destination, which is full of diversity, harmony creativity. Therefore, to efficiently capture the objectives sand goal, the organizing committee divided the mandate into three main groups. That is economic sustainability, and development, social development, and environment improvement (Greater London Authority 2011).

Literature Review

Analysis of the Policies

Boris Johnson who the Mayor of London was mandated by the 2012 London Olympic Act powers to clearly define the work plan for the employees at GLA, and to design the policies, which regard environment conservation. Boris also had power over 2012 London Olympic budget programs. In this regard, it was vividly clear that the vision of London’s Mayor formed significance and a pivotal point in the work of the GLA. The mayor’s visions were great, and ambitious, and they were meant to propel the city to be among the best cities in the world. The inclusion of focus on enhancing the biodiversity, addressing the issue of climate change, reduction of pollution, and proper waste management in the city.

The London’s Mayor made climate change, and energy policies part of the top strategy geared towards at a reduction the gross contribution of London to the global warming hazard. These strategies on climate change, and energy policies were designed to be accomplished through the application of technologies that ensure low carbon emissions. In addition, solar energy also formed a big part of the main strategies of clean energy use to realize the dream of a green city. The Mayor also made it clear that he will solve the problems of fuel shortages that were rampant in the city (Edwards & Miller, 2008). According to the GLA (2011), there were suggestions that were held in the London draft Replacement that were aimed at creating a  reduction of   the contribution of London to the problem of global warming. These strategies comprised of the achievement of Zero carbon emissions. The proposals that were given in the draft were to be achieved in a given hierarchical order. The order included the use of lean energy, use of efficient energy technologies, and the application of green energy sources. The other environmental policy that Mayor of London fought for was the issue of green transport.

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Wind energy production in London is a great initiative in the city. This is because wind energy is clean energy which has significantly helped the country economically. By the end of the year 2011, wind energy contributed to sixty two gigawatts of electric power production capacity. In this regard, London has singled out wind energy as a key economic growth driver in  the country. London is endowed with large tracks of land as well as a long coastline. This makes it possible to harness wind energy.

Positive Impacts of Wind Energy

Wind energy promotes the industrialization in the country. This is because wind energy contributes significantly to the total energy consumption in the country. Secondly, wind energy is a clean energy which is comparatively cheaper to generate hence makes the production cost to be less costly hence making London good competitive in the global market. Thirdly, wind energy is an initiative geared to save the depletion of the environment since it does not emit harmful gases in the atmosphere like other sources of energy.

The history of wind energy in London is long. The country has travelled through a wide technological journey, and today it is one of the major wind energy technology echelons across the globe. Economic challenge coupled with high demand for energy in the country has precipitated the need to adopt a paradigm shift in wind technology. In this regard, London has embarked on the offshore wind energy production technology to ensure that it increases its wind energy. London is endowed with a large coastal strip which gives it a great advantage in exploiting offshore wind energy production technology.

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Offshore wind energy production technology has led to an increase in wind energy production in London. However, it should be noted that the demand of energy in the country is still overwhelmingly high. Oceans have great tides, and wind capacity which makes it the next big frontiers of wind energy production. It is on this ground that most companies in London have invested in new technology which is geared toward optimization of wind energy production in London. The innovation on offshore wind energy production has seen the adoption of techniques which enable ships to install windmills in the oceans without technical challenges. In addition, the installed wind mills in the oceans are firmly put to withstand natural calamities which might occur. This makes London one of the countries which have sophisticated wind energy technology in the world.

The London has adopted energy paradigm shift to embrace wind technology. Wind technology is popular among the people because of its benefits. For instance, it is a clean energy source which makes it popular among the people. In addition, the London government has invested a lot of money in wind technology to ensure that the London are not only well trained but also innovative in the field. Wind energy technology that is effective should balance most of corporate components in a way that creates goods, and services at cheap prices, cuts on cost of production, and at a higher rate. The technology should be innovative, proactive,, and liaise with the people to steer socioeconomic growth towards unprecedented heights. The viability of the private equity sector and despite the prevailing economic situation attests to the fact that entrepreneurial organization is critical in managing. A successful organization of entrepreneurship management should be based on strategies, which are not supreme but dictated by the prevailing corporate environment. The wind energy industry is massive, and given that many companies are venturing into it, it is an important facet in entrepreneurial organizations. The main factors to consider before venturing in wind technology are: security, ability to connect with main stakeholders, ability to establish an efficient technology.   

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London is one of the worlds biggest economies require a lot of energy for its consumption. This is because the industrial energy requirement is enormous. In addition, the population is very big. Therefore the production of cheap energy for both domestic and industrial consumption is inevitable. That is why the government stresses the need to develop more wind power in the country. It is should also be noted that London manufacturing industry is one the biggest in the world, and to ensure that industries enjoy a global competitive market for their good, and services, energy should be affordable, and wind energy meets that needed for its production is not as expensive as other sources.

London faces environmental challenges due to too much smoke emission into the atmosphere. This makes it one of the global environmental polluter, and therefore to ensure that it reduces pollution, wind energy is critical of the government. Environmental conservation is critical in this dynamic world. The global impact of climatic changes is enormous, and has caused threats to human survival. These threats have necessitated for concerted efforts geared towards environment conservation, wise energy used, and sustainability. It is therefore prudent to carry out environmental impact assessment to any project carried on any particular region. Environmental impact assessment is important for scientific analysis to ascertain whether a project is fit in a given region or not.

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The fair trade concept is very important for London to ensure that its manufacturing product is marketed to all parts of the globe. Global warming has necessitated countries to adopt strategies which are geared to reduce the effect of environmental pollution. This is because there is a great pressure to adopt the fair trade concept. In this regard, the government ensures that wind energy production is enhanced so that there is less pollution to the environment. The discussion on global warming, and how to mitigate its negative impact to the society is immense. The future weather and climate condition would rely on majorly on what pollution measures countries choose to adopt. However, it proves difficult to mobiles the whole world to adopt a given course of action. Scientists and environmental experts try to gaze into the future by extrapolating the negative factors associated with environmental degradation coupled with visible trends, and forces along a single line. The prediction of the future is alarming, and something needs to be done immediately. The solutions to the negative effect of climate change require a collaborative intervention. In this regard, the global community as well as the leadership of London has a great role to play. It is also prudent to note that, London is strategically positioning itself as world superpower therefore, all eyes are on it. Towards this, the government tries to ensure that it comes out of the limelight of global watchdogs which can jeopardize its economic prosperity.

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Critical Analysis of the Challenges between Policy, Public Policy Initiatives, and General Practice among the Public

The Mayor of London was able to accomplish some of the policy programs that were stipulated in the 2012 London Olympic. While there are several areas where much has been achieved, there are areas, which are yet to be which were accomplished. The environmental policies which were drawn during the 2012 London Olympic have been a  great success in London. This is because the successful installation of energy reduction equipment, the green programs  such as a greener London, safe public space, energy efficient public transport initiative, waste management initiatives as well as low carbon emission zone have formed a great success story in the city (Miles 2010).

Therefore, proper waste management, which was planned to save 90 million pound sterling, was accomplished. This is because the city has seen an increased of recycling program. In addition, London city has experienced better use of the resources. It is also prudent to note that  the quality of air in the city has changed to the better.This is because of initiative such the use of hybrid cars which limited carbon emission in the air (Qing & Brimblecombe 2008).  Secondly, greener city of London has been accomplished through several means. 60 public spaces had been earmarked created at a total cost of £250 million. An example is the square that uses efficient energy resources thus reducing the costs that would have been incurred in the provision of lighting in the park.

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There was a campaign, which saw the planting of more than 15,000 trees on the streets of London. By 2010, more than 5,000 trees had been planted These parking spaces were upgraded at a total cost of more than £7 million. There have also been enormous accomplishments in the transport sector. The application of energy bursting LED technology in the transport sector has ensured that there are greener traffic lights. The LEDs were used in more than half of all the traffic light that is found in London (Fussey 2011). The London mayor contribution was mainly towards the construction of the momentum of the electric vehicle revolution, which were meant to ensure zero emission rates. The Mayor has worked hard to increase the number of electric cars in the city of London. The focus has been put on the promotion of energy, and water adequacy in more than 150,000 homes in London (GLA 2011). Low carbon emission has also been singled out, and were used to displays the London city. The GLA under the watch of the Mayor has been able to improve more than 50 buildings, which have gadgets that will ensure that they greatly focus on saving energy.

There are situations in which the Mayor’s programs have not been great. The first one is the goal of making London the greenest city on earth by 2025. There has not been any major manifestation of the great move towards achieving this goal since there is still a serious dependence on oil, and other carbon emitting energy sources. The coal and carbon fuels continue to cause air pollution into the environment thus the vision are far from being accomplished. Therefore, London city is never on track in achieving the vision of low carbon emissions. There have been sections that the Mayor’s policy programs have been less successful, and they may not go a long way in the achievement of the gains that were stipulated by the policies of the Mayor (Fussey 2011). The transport sector has enhanced the use of electric cars, and other hybrid cars. However, still these are out of reach of many people in the city, and thus they not geared towards the achievements of the goals by 2025 when the pace of the programs is not increased (Supple 2010). Lastly, the achievement of economic diversity which strong, and efficient, the priority should be focused on jobs, and efficiency in the transport system which is still lagging behind.

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A Survey of Opinions Regarding Mayoral Policies

The environmental policy goal and objective were backed with clear plans on how to achieve them. This makes the strategies realistic and achievable a survey of Opinions reveals that there is a contrasting opinion concerning the Mayor’s goals, strategies, and visions which were aimed at the realization of a greener London. There had been a universal belief that the environmental strategies that were propagated by the London’s mayor would promote a reduction of the carbon emissions in the city hence contributing to a great reduction of global carbon footprint. The vision of the Mayor is very much achievable since there are scheduled, and guideline on various activities, and adequate funding to execute them

On the other hand, there are some individuals who felt that the activities, and programs being executed  by the London’s mayor were being very ambitious in many cases. For example, the dream to make London the greenest city in the world by 2025 is too ambitious. The opponents argue that dream was coined even with the full knowledge that London is still very highly dependent on the use of fossil, and carbon related fuels (Hayes & Horne 2011). Moreover, much is yet to be done to convince many that indeed the mayor and GLA are working towards achieving environmental goals as stipulated.

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The Budget of 2012 London Olympic

The 2012 London Olympic cost was £8.921billion. This budget was seen to other as too much but it is noted that the games will have a boost in Britain's economy by more than £13 billion over the next four years; David Cameron said.

 The Impact of 2012 Landon Olympic Business in Greenwich

The 2012 London Olympic Games increased the business opportunity in London, Greenwich, Westend and the entire England. Shops realized an increase in sales during and after the Olympics. These opportunities made the businesses not only make profits but also grow their business networks across London and beyond.


The London’s mayor and GLA had been given the responsibility to create a vision, and strategies that were aimed at transforming London into the world’s greenest city. The inclusion of several environmental problems that formed part of challenges in London, and were some of the greatest legacy that the Olympic Games left in the city. In this regard, the environmental policies formed part of the critical legacy, which the event left. Although some of the importance and the benefit of the environmental policies cannot be seen now, they have made a great step of taking the city in the right direction.


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