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Free «Analyzing Commercial Advertisement: Pocket like it’s Hot» Essay Sample


In the ad, Pocket like it’s hot by Snoop Lion, the target audience is the artist’s fans who would watch anything that comes from the rapper. The likeable features of the ad include the funny clip of the man putting pizza into the microwave, and it soon turns into a carton image. The other likeable feature is the dancers who appear as raisers of sensual feelings of the audience. They dance with sexy moves and facial cues that arouse interest of the male audience. There is also a physical attractiveness of the ad because of the celebrities used to run it. Snoop and the comedians look attractive. Moreover, the funny clip impacts a positive emotional appeal to capture attention of the audience. The potential negative effect reflected by a few number of those who do not like the ad is that the funny clip may not necessarily create a lasting impression of the brand. This paper analyzes the general effect of the ad by looking at likeability, physical attractiveness, and positive emotional appeals in line with the findings of empirical studies.      



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Adverts’ Likeability

This refers to a concept in the advertisement industry that attempts to counter the refusal by audiences to listen to ads. It is an advertising strategy that seeks to create a positive judgment based on how the advert is designed and the message passed on a particular brand. The concept of product likeability in advertisement can be divided into two main areas: profile studies and the measure of attitude towards an advert. A profile study is an initiative to establish the thoughts of the audience after viewing an advert. Target audiences are asked to use appropriate adjectives to describe the adverts or use statements that can best describe the advert. At the same time, the measure of attitude towards an ad focuses on audiences attachment to an adverts based on affective and cognitive reactions. The reactions identify an individual’s attitude towards an ad or a brand.

Likeability of a commercial and the measure of attitude towards an advert are terms that can be used interchangeably; hence, it is important to note that all of the concepts refer to same construct. Emotion becomes a major player in creating attitude, and advertising industry now considers it influencing the behavior. There is a power in advertising likeability as the commercial experts can use pre-testing to predict the success or failure of an advertisement campaign. The analyses feedbacks emanate from the target audiences are then sued to gauge the success of failure of an advert campaign. The adverts under scrutiny may have assessed to likely success of using Snoop Lion and the other comedians to run the campaign.

The ad uses Snoop Dog now known as Snoop Lion to advertise Hot Pocket. Just like the change of tact by the artist to redo his 2004 Neptunes hit track Drop it like it’s hot, this ad appeals to both Snoop Lion’s fans and the others in the society. This commercial would therefore be liked by Snoop’s fans as it uses a rap mogul to rap and sing. The young people will apprehend this as a cool idea and will end up seeing the advertisement placed by Hot Pocket. Moreover, the commercial is the remixed version of Drop it like it’s hot; therefore, it would be appealing to the Snoop fans across the globe. At the beginning of the ad, there is a funny clip of a man putting pizza into the microwave, which soon has turned into a carton image. The funny clip creates a positive emotional appeal to the viewers. The image of the pizza (carton image) will create a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers to use the microwave. This is because the funny clip reminds the viewer of the good feelings of Hot Pocket product. 

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Positive Emotion Appeal

Positive emotion appeal in advertisements can be captured by expressing fun, love pride, or joy. The positive emotions come from either experimental establishment or product consumption. It can be in form of two different aspects: heuristic and emotional benefit appeals. Heuristic appeals attempt to make the viewers feel good when using a product by execution of finer details instead of giving the reasons why a product should be preferred. On the other hand, the benefit appeals inculcate both emotions and rational reasoning to show benefits of a product to the audience. The viewers can only reap from the benefits shown in the ads by doing what the messages say. The Pocket like it’s Hot ad raises heuristic appeals as it makes the audience feel good about using the product because of its association with celebrities and sexy dancers. The funny clip of a pizza turning into carton image also creates heuristic positive appeal. Empirical studies on positive emotion appeal of ads have explained the phenomenon of media advertising on attitude development of the audience (Moore & Harris, 1996). Hence, the funny clip satisfies this condition and makes the ad appealing to its viewers.    

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Moore & Harris (1996) opine that the media environment is clouded by increasing clutter, something that affects the advertisers’ choice to run a television advert. The television media no longer offers persuasive messages that would appeal to the audience. In a bid to change the trend and make adverts more appealing, advertisers have resorted to aggressive shows, in which they use emotional and dramatic images to lure audience. This argument is from the study seem to have been considered by the designers of the ad as demonstrated by the use of funny clips, use of celebrities, and the moves of the sexy dancers.

Studies indicate that negative emotions created in the adverts may induce emotions and make the viewers to develop anxiety. And when it sets in, the psychological soundness of the audiences are would be threatened. According to Ray & Wilkie (1970), “Previous advertising research on fear appeals has suggested that when the intensity of the message exceeds normal thresholds of severity, the message recipient typically develops an avoidance response that limits the persuasive impact of the appeal” (Moore & Harris, 1996). This is an indication that when audiences develop negative attitude, they will avoid such ads. In order to keep this observation in check, Pocket like it’s Hot advert avoids the use of negative emotions, and this makes it a good advert.              

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Physical Attractiveness

This concept in the advertisement campaigns has gained popularity in the American society as attractiveness stereotypes have literally entered in the television advertisement. The notion that the beauty sells has been fostered in the advertisement industry via the use of celebrities and beautiful models. Advertisement experts and academicians hold similar opinion in the use of physical attractiveness and its effectiveness in the product promotion and marketing initiatives. However, the use of models to run commercial adverts does not have a significant impact on brand recognition or the intention to make a purchase. Moreover, the use of attractive models to run ads would only make a significant impact on the audience depending on the product properties.

Studies in various fields have been dedicated to the field of sociology and its related sub-disciplines with the conclusion that physical inequalities exists in the society. The inequality is based on physical attractiveness (Kwan & Trautner, 2011). The use of model attractiveness in advertising campaigns has attracted interests of a few scholars despite the use of body image of women in commercial ads. Whereas males are attracted by sexy body images of models, female audience may be affected negatively. This is because the use of sexy models reminds the female audience of their own body shapes. At the same time, it is likely to cause depression among the women with average body shapes used in the ads (Harrison, Juric & Cornwell, 2001). In the context of the Pocket like it’s hot ad, the dancers have great body shapes that may remind female audiences of their own body shapes. Extensive facial expressions have a significant impact on the audience. Female use their sexual appeal to lure male audience.

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The Pocket like it’s hot ad is a well designed commercial campaign that uses both male and female attractiveness to capture attention of both male and female audiences. As much as Snoop Lion is a popular rap artist, he is tall and well built. He attracts female audiences as much as he does on his fans in general. In addition, the ad features sexy women who use sexy facial expressions to attract the male audience. The use of physical beauty as a strategy seems to work perfectly for Hot Pocket because Snoop, the other comedians, and the sexy women all attract a wide target group. A number of strategies have been developed by sociologists to enable students learn about social issues that directly or indirectly affect them. The major such issues include racial/ethnic discrimination, existence of social class in the society, and gender-based discrimination.

According to Kwan & Trautner (2011) it is possible to study students’ bias with respect to beauty biases that are likely to be in line with the findings of other researches using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. This empirical evaluation process supports that there exists biasness in physical attractiveness of the persons used in ads. The bias should be used accordingly depending on the target population. In order to create variety of physical attractiveness, adverts should use personalities who attract the audience. Celebrities appear in the ad under analysis and this would appeal to the youthful generation who associate themselves with successful personalities and the trends they set.     

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Analysis of this ad is multifaceted because of the many issues that it raises. The designers of the ad have tried to capture the three features of an advertisement: physical attractiveness, positive emotional appeals, and likeability. It is not only one celebrity that has featured in the ad, Snoop Lion and the other comedians are all popular, and they have been used to make the ad more attractive. The funny clip in humorous and provokes positive emotions. The target groups of this ad could vary depending on what attracts the viewers. For example, the sensual dancers with sexy body images could attract the male audience. In addition, Snoop Lion’s fans and the comedian’s fans would also be attracted to the advert. The acrobatic dances also appeal to specific target audiences. The hip-hop culture in America mainly appeals to the youth; hence, they are likely to be persuaded by this advert. As much as the designers of this commercial have tried to use diverse advertisement strategies, there is a worry that the audience may fail to recognize the Hot Pocket brand. Instead, all of that may be recognized in the funny clip, the sexy dancers, and the celebrities who are featured in the advert. Otherwise, the ad is good and effective in the aforementioned aspects. 


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