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Birth control has largely been seen as a method of reducing poverty and increasing the physical and mental health of a nation; by way of reducing pregnancy (Halliday, 1998). Reproductive technologies have been used over the years to come up with methods of birth control. Over time, these technologies have been met with criticism and opposition, and so has birth control.

Feminist movements have advocated for birth control as a method of empowering women. According to Altbach (2007), we must begin to disseminate information about birth control to high school students, so as to enlighten them and make sure they are aware of the need for birth control in relation to their empowerment.

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Control over reproduction rights is important to women for various reasons. Most importantly, it is one of the tools for empowerment of women. The essential fallacies of Malthusian teachings state that birth control reduces pregnancy among women, and boosts their physical and mental health. Birth control has enabled women to concentrate on their careers and have the pleasure without the fears of unwanted pregnancies. In this case, birth control has given women as much right as their male counter parts in terms of the freedom to have pleasure and be able to bring up small, manageable families. It has thus opened pathways to end poverty among women.

In the past years, women have not had access to birth control. This has lead to a number of consequences. According to Betsy (1995), in Bangladesh, one out of every four children dies before the age of five because of in adequate health care and nutrition. Thus, women used to give birth to as many children as possible in order to replace those that would die. The consequence of this is that people live in poverty; women have no chance of improving their lives as they are always giving birth, and raising their children.

Birth control has also had negative impacts on some women. The methods used for birth control may have negative side effects on some women. It is a known fact that some birth control methods affect the hormonal balance of the body, and end up with unpredicted body reactions.


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