Free «Sambia and Kung Sex Behavior Differences» Essay Sample

Sambia is a community found in the southern parts of Africa specifically Zambia. It is a community that was constantly engaged in warfare hence was frequently bringing up warriors to defend the community at all times. The Kung community is found in Papua New Guinea, and their main activity was hunting. These two communities differ considerably in matters of the same sex behavior. For instance, the Sambia discourage their warriors from having heterosexual contact and only observe homosexuality while the Kung encourages heterosexual contact. In addition, the Sambia vehemently criticize adulterous behavior while the Kung takes it as part of them. The Sambia community is always ashamed on matters relating to sex while the Kung community talks openly about sexual matters.

This paper explicates the differences in same-sex relationships between the Sambia and Kung communities.

The sambia community is a Zambian community, which was mainly involved in warfare with other communities. It hence discouraged its warriors from having sexual intercourse with women who were perceived as being the source of pollution in the community. The community perceives women as a sign of weakness that would lead to loss in wars. According to Goldstein (2003), they were thus encouraged to engage to homosexual sex behaviors to boost their warrior experience and morale. This meant they could satisfy their sexual needs by involving in sexual behaviors with other men. On the other hand, the Kung community values sexual practices between a man and a woman. Women are valued because they form an integral part of the community especially in matters relating to hunting and gathering of food. The Kung community vehemently discourages homosexuality because it is an undesirable practice in the entire community. The constant contact between men and women is what leads to this behavior.

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The Sambia community discourages adultery in its sex matters. The members of the community are extremely discouraged from participating in adultery. This is perceived an undesirable practice. Adultery in this community is seen in terms of a warrior having sexual relationships with those not initially allied to them. Ember (1993) asserts that they all perceive adultery as an abomination and a prodigious contradiction to the society’s values. In fact, individuals who are discovered as having participated in adultery always commit suicide to avert the community’s wrath. On the other hand, the Kung community perceives adultery as a normal practice. Adultery is seen as part of the community. The community encourages adultery because of its diversity and activities. Adultery arises from their group way of living. Adultery is encouraged as a way of getting more experience in sexual matters.

Same sexual behaviors are taken as a big shame among the Sambia. Matters relating to sex are not discussed in public. Every detail is discussed away from the eyes of from the rest of the public especially children Sexual matters are treated as private issues relating to two people. No one is allowed to expose his sexual experiences. On the other hand, the Kung community takes these behaviors as a common practice. They could be discoursed in public even in the presence of children. Nothing is seen as being too private in relation to these matters. Open discussions are seen as vital because they educate the young ones.

In conclusion, these two communities considerably differ in matters relating to same sex behaviors. The Sambia community encourages their warriors to engage in homosexuality because women are negatively perceived as being pollutants. On the other hand, the Kung community only encourages heterosexual sex because of the value of women. The Sambia discourages adultery because it is an abomination. The Kung is open to adultery because it is part of their lifestyle.


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