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Elements of design is crucial to any visual art for it to bring out effectively capture or bring out the visual design. Each and every piece of art must harmonize to artistically bring out the message. Elements of design are namely Lines, Shapes, Form, Color, Texture, and Coherence among many others.

An element of design as described briefly includes line, which is a path between two points. A line can either be curved, straight, wavy, diagonal, vertical, and horizontal. Shape is another aspect of elements of design. A shape consists of closed lines. Shapes can be oval, circle, squares, triangle etc. Form is the three-dimensional quality of an object, which is due in part of light or dark area.

When an object is lit by sand from one direction, the other part of the object will experience shadow. Color is another aspect of element of design. Colors affect humans emotionally with different colors evoking different wave of emotions. Texture refers to surface feel of an object. An object surface can be said to be soft, rough or smooth. Coherence refers to belonging together or the various part of artwork. The objects can have similar color, shapes, and sizes to form unity but in reality some of the parts might be unrelated.



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In the movie, End of Line, Director, Maurice Devereaux, who is renowned for such horror films. Maurice Devereaux has lived up to his trade, by turning the script into a perfect well-elaborated visual story through sequences of thought-provoking motion pictures. He breathes life to the script by creating the atmosphere to enhance the theme of the movie with its setting starting on a subway station. It is an apocalyptic horror film which entails some creepy passengers masquerading as members of a clergy but is part of a cult. He has used the tone effectively which sets the atmosphere for the theme of the movie.

Production designer, Jean Phillipe Hébert has used the elements of design through a sequential creation of the patterns to come up with a superb visual which go side by side with the theme. The visuals message is well-thought out and applied to unfold the story bit by bit without losing focus of the story. The choice of color which radiates the depth of the story and it shows the emotion of the story. The production designer and the director, Jean Phillipe Hébert and Maurice Devereaux respectively had shared the storyboard to heart; this is evident by how the story unfolds and the mood. The production designer has brought out well not only the visual clarity but the unique aesthetic feel needed to make the movie perfect. He did this in collaboration with the director of photography, Denis Noel Mostert together with the special effects team.

Adrien Morot came out to marvel the film with creative visual appearances which captivated the main theme. The idea of the man who usually comes from a far distance to a lady, who by stands waiting to catch a train, at the subways station when the film begins, is an expression of a creative mind. The special visual effects leave the viewers’ nerves racked and disentangled.

The artist used lighting to set the main theme of the film, right from the start, an example is when the film is starting right when the train is making its way to the subway, the lighting communicates effectively about the mood of the film. Putting a viewer into an emotional frenzy, The lighting relays a solemn mood and runs heart-wrenching emotions. The director had strike a balance between visceral and human psychology to enhance the mood of the film.

The setting of the film is mainly on a subway station where a cult group is murdering people ruthless for a set of their belief. The cult group is propagating murders in an apocalyptic end of the human race perpetrated by a group of religious fanatics. The society portrayed by the film is an open society with a culture of respect to humanity but the cult group attacking the passengers is destroying the value systems.

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Costuming can dispel more about a character’s attitude, perception and character. The elements of color, coherence and rhythm has been employed the film to strike a balance and harmony in the film. The rhythm and coherence maintains a suspense-state of the film. The film is not violent in nature yet emotionally and thought compelling because of the balance of these elements.

The hair style of the lady attacker who stabbed on the back while the guy was staring outside the window; her hair style suggested that the lady was up to something cynical or evil. Hair style and make up can tell the wave of the film. For instance, a long dry hair not moisturized or unkempt hair can suggest a character with sinister motives. The hair style as well defined the personality, temperament and outlook of each of the characters.

Mise-en-scène can be described as a blend of elements of visual arts and design with film production. It encompasses telling of a written story visually. The story can be developed visually. The film’s balance of the element is commendable. The elements of color, rhythm, coherence, and unity have all been balanced to bring out the main theme and mood of the story. Maurice Devereaux picked the right scene and setting and a powerful vision to hammer out the story in a way which will intrigue and mind-numb a viewer. The scene was perfect and unique in application. The director did not include scenes of too much violence as may be perceived by viewers of such genres of films. The elements of design engineered into the film are at par with the vision of the filmmaker. They are congruent with the film’s director screenplay.


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