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Catherine the Great was among the most energetic and greatest rulers of Russia. She moved from Germany to Russia as a young princess of sixteen years old in 1744 to marry the Russian throne’s future heir, Peter. The name of the young princess changed from Sophia to Catherine, and she became the wife of Peter in 1745. She became Russia’s Empress in 1762 and ruled until her death in 1796. Therefore, it is evident that Catherine the Great was Russia’s Empress, who ruled for the longest time as a female leader. Catherine the Great pursued the territorial expansion and westernization of Russia by following her predecessor’s footsteps. This discussion will consider Catherine’s admirable qualities as an ambitious, caring, determined, and persevering woman.

Catherine the Great possessed admirable qualities, which forced many to like her after her arrival to Russia. She was a determined woman who ambitiously wanted to become Russia’s Empress. Catherine the Great employed a number of techniques to ensure that Russians liked her, despite the fact that she came from Germany. She learned Russian and became fluent within a short time. Catherine familiarized herself with the manners, institutions, and history of Russia. Catherine tried her best to ensure that her husband, Peter, behaved reasonably. This shows that Catherine was a determined, persevering, and caring woman because she persuaded her husband to drop his drunken and wild habits. Catherine the Great improved the living standards of people in Russia by employing a variety of strategies effectively.

In conclusion, Catherine the Great had impressive qualities, including being ambitious, caring, determined, and persevering. Catherine decided to impress Russians by learning their language, history, and manners. This enabled her to accomplish the goal of becoming a female ruler of Russia. Therefore, I would like to possess the same characteristics that Catherine the Great possessed.


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