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The district human resources director refers to a person leading negotiations on the effectiveness of teachers with the union of teachers. This involves the evaluation of teachers by virtue of the academic performance of students. Many teachers become uneasy because of the evaluation, especially when the trend of academic performance indicates a decline over time. Therefore, a district human resources director will ensure that teachers apply appropriate and effective strategies during the instructional process. This discussion will consider the roles of the district human resources director in justifying changes in policy reacting to the trend of academic performance, significance of the changes to teachers in their career, and dealing with any inevitable push-back.

The district human resources director should monitor all teachers on the improvement plan to ensure that the district retains highly qualified staff. High academic performance will depict the effectiveness of teachers in applying the effective instructional methods. When the academic performance of students is low, the district human resources director should ensure that teachers must improve on the quality of their instructional methods. Some teachers do not cover the syllabus early because of their involvement in other activities, such as running personal businesses. Therefore, the district human resources director should ensure that teachers do not do other activities, which will interfere with school work. The district human resources director should also monitor teachers on their leadership skills and ability to control students. Teachers will be aware of their weaknesses and rectify immediately for the purpose of promoting high academic performance. The district human resources should deal with any inevitable push-back, such as unfavorable learning environment, by ensuring that schools obtain enough funds to renovate classrooms.

In conclusion, the district human resources director is crucial personnel, who will ensure that teachers report to their work regularly and that they apply appropriate instructional techniques effectively. Therefore, students will perform highly in their academics when teachers improve on the instructional methods. Supervision of teachers will also help them in their teaching career


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