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A school superintendent refers to a person who manages and directs learning institutions in a district. Superintendents usually involve staff and faculty members in various administrative issues to ensure that learning takes place efficiently. A superintendent and other responsible individuals will prevent the indiscipline of students and promote significant educational performance. For example, a school superintendent should involve staff and faculty members in addressing the issue of indiscipline among the students within the Shore Central School District, which enhance high academic performance of students. Therefore, a school superintendent must comprehend and possess the ability to develop district capacity for distributed leadership.

Many students in the Shore Central School District will perform well upon the termination of the incidents of indiscipline amongst students. The school superintendent will only achieve the termination of indiscipline among students by involving the staff members in various administrative issues. It is necessary for a school superintendent to understand that distributed leadership is extremely effective in addressing disciplinary and educational issues. The staff members may include teachers and workers in various departments, such as the security department. Class teachers will mark the attendance of students in the morning and evening to ensure that the students do not move out of the school compound during the school hours. Therefore, teachers will discipline those students, who slip out of school before the lessons are over. Such students fail to attend some lessons, and as a result, they score low grades because of failure to complete the syllabus. Other staff members, such as the security personnel, should ensure that the school does not have more than one entry or exit. This will control the movement of students into and out of school. The performance of students will improve significantly when a school superintendent involves staff members in ensuring that students attain a thorough discipline.

In conclusion, a school superintendent must work together with the staff members to ensure that all students portray desirable behaviors when they are in the school compound. The desirable behaviors include not slipping out of the school compound during the school hours, not portraying bullying behaviors, among others. Therefore, with distributed leadership within the school system, it will be manageable to discipline students and promote high academic performance.


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