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Ron Earnest Paul is arguably one of the most renowned politicians in the United States. Ron was born on august 20 1935 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he was raised up in a family of five children. Ron graduated in 1957 from high school and proceeded to duke university school of medicine. His potential in leadership was evident when Ron was in high school where he served as a student’s leader. Upon completing of his training in medicine, Ron joined the United States air force in 1963 to 1965 (Paul). After serving in the army for two years, he moved to the united states air national guard until 1968. These changes in jobs are an indication that Ron was a versatile man who was able to fit in different careers with time. To show his courage in the way he was tackling life, Ron went ahead to open his own business and started private practice in obstetrics and gynecology.

His private practice is a key indicator that Ron was efficient in his work. Records show that Ron was able to assist in delivering more than 4,000 babies (Paul). However, Ron was to leave his successful career in healthcare to join politics, perhaps another sign that he was flexible and able to change and adapt to new situations. In addition to his training in medicine, Ron has an extensive knowledge background in economics and public policy (Frazier 15). This explains Ron’s abilities to talk on different national issues that mainly touch on economics. His ability to convince the Texas electorate to vet him as their congressional representative may also be stemming from his diversifies academic backgrounds. To date, Ron is among the most popular political forces that any republican may not hate to associate with given the successful political path. This is tainted by recent corruption accusations where Ron is said to have received dishonorable mentions (Andrew).



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Entry into politics

The educational background of Ron Paul would give him an edge in world of politics. However, this was not the case for Mr. Ron. In the 1970s, Ron ventured into active politics and immediately failed in 1974 after making a congressional attempt. However, the subsequent resignation of Robert Casey from the congress saw Ron come back and win the vacant position. In his early life into leadership, Ron established the foundation for rational economics and education, an organization that was aimed at offering training to people from different background free (Paul). After this achievement, Ron was still determined to make it into top politics. In 1978, Ron was elected to the House of Representatives in and was re-elected two times. During this period in leadership, Ron started showing his interest in national issues, and started about sensitive national issues touching on economics especially on the country’s banking and finance. His writing depicted him as a strong critic of the then government. Ron went ahead and started propelling his personal opinions by writing about what he believed in economics and come up with several theories of economics.

In his arguments against government’s approaches to handling its citizen’s issues, Ron relied a lot on his experience when he was in the public sectors. For instance, his stands of healthcare seem to draw much from what he had experienced personally in various health care facilities he had served. He rendered himself as a people’s representative; his views were always in support of better governance. Frazier (16) asserts that Ron is a selfless politician who is not interested in becoming famous or uses his power to gather wealth. In fact, this assumption is drawn from Ron’s utterances that he is known to use when addressing the pubic. For instance, Ron is said to have likened himself to the Australian president, who is not known by everybody around the world. Such words are also an indicator that Ron dislikes the idea of a famous presidency in the United States yet the country faces numerous challenges.

From the scenario, it is also evident that Ron’s was always critical to the ruling party, and he would not stop at anything but other that accusing the government of the day. However, Ron’s views may not have appealed to the public, a fact that made his bid for a united stated senate seat in 1984 abort (Paul). This compelled Ron to embark on his private practice career only to come back into active politics again in 1988, then as a presidential candidate for Libertarian. His main agenda during the campaigned was to lower taxes and resizing the government. Ron’s view was that the government of the United States was bloated and required resizing to reduce government expenditure.

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Contributions to United States Politics

As a seasoned politician, Ron has written a number of books. Although he relies on his academic background to write, (he writes on matters of economics and political issues). His first book was Gold, peace and prosperity: the birth of a new currency. In this book, Ron expressed different reservations on different political and economic issues. He presented his views as the bets options at that time hence selling his ideas easily. This book was followed by, The Case for Gold: A minority report of the US gold commission in 1982. This book was also surrounded by controversy given that the views expressed were critical. The third book, Abortion and Liberty (1983) was also popular. In this book, Ron gives his views on the issues of abortion. This book displays Ron as a politician who does not shrink from explaining what he thinks. According to Frazier (15) observes that Ron is a politician free to talk his heart out especially on sensitive issues like abortion and life.

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Major Stands by Ron and Achievements

Closer analysis of Ron’s political career is enough evidence to proof that he is consistent. He holds on his Libertarian ideologies, which he held when he got into active politics. Taxation, prolife-opinions, executive powers are other issues that Ron is said to have consistency. Ron opposed the invasion of Iraq by the United States and voted against the patriot act (Paul). However, Ron Paul supported the invasion of Afghanistan by the United States, a step that portrays him as flexible given that the situations that led to the two wars, for instance were more or less similar.

During the United States election in 2008, Ron came fifth in the Iowa circus with ten percent of the votes. Ron did not give up. He kept on pressing for the nomination only to lose top john McCain (Frazier). However, he had endorsed Chunk, a constitution party contender. Although john Mac-Cain was seemingly powerful, Ron did not support him, again displaying his deviant character especially when it comes to big politicians. In July 2012, Ron made a major achievement after his bill that sought to audit the federal reserves was passed (Andrew). The intentions of the bill were to ensure that there was transparency within the government operatives.

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Ron Paul’s political career has many lessons that can be compared to what is happening in current politics. One of the most notable features in Ron’s political career is that he has been opposing different issues and sometimes taking surprising stands. However, this has not insulated him from political harms. In a recently published article, Ron Paul is branded as a corrupt member of the congress (Andrew). The report by a watch group called citizens for responsibility and ethics, based in Washington. These allegations come when Ron is creating a significant impact in today’s politics in the United States. The report further alleges that Ron Paul have always doubled billed his travel expenses. If these allegations are true, then Ron’s political history that portrays him as a man of the people becomes tainted. However, Ron can defend his reputation by citing a number of achievements he has made over the years.

American society has always been identified as one of the most positive in terms of progress and its social stability. Ron can associate himself comfortably with these assertions and further emerge as a positivist. For instance, his decision to start an organization that offers different support services to his people is a typical character that any Americans would want to be associated with at all times. Ron has also stood by his pro-life opinions, which opposes abortion. In other words, Ron Paul can be said top be a leader who cares about his people and the America society in general. This is despite the corruption accusation leveled against hi by citizens for responsibility and ethics group based in Washington (Andrew). Further examples can be cited from his opinions on matters touching on the welfare of the common citizens. The opinion that taxes should be regulated to favor the common person and tame harsh economic times proves the centrality of Ron’s opinion in matters concerning the welfare of the people.

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Education is a powerful asset that a leader can use to change his society. Ron Paul emerges as an educated fellow who uses his education to talk to and convince people. This is because he has sufficient education on economics and healthcare, which is critical in addressing some of the most sensitive public issues. The fact that Ron articulates his values on subject matters revolving around his knowledge base is an indication that he is always conversant with what he says. Apart from a few issues that question his integrity, Ron still stands out as one of the most experienced politicians in the United States.

Countries around the world concentrate on what goes on in the United States. Ron Paul has attracted attention from outside the country. Frazier (76) reveals that Ron has received a lot of attention and supports from Belgians, the Germans other European nations. This shows that people from other nations support his opinions even though they are mostly critical. His resilient attitude in politics is also another attribute that defines Ron Paul. His numerous attempts to get into elective positions are characterized by successful and unsuccessful attempts. Therefore, the presence of Ron in today’s political arena is an indication that he is still a strong politician. This also confirms that may people agree with his way of leading. Ron Paul is going to remain a powerful force in the United States politics despite a number of controversies that associated to him from tie to time.


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