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-  So… Miss Katie Holms, is that correct?

-  Yes, detective.

-  You are under arrest. You can keep silence until your lawyer arrives, and everything you say can be used against you. Do you understand?

-  What is wrong? I have not done anything!

-  Not now, a year ago when you killed your husband at the wedding day. That was the issue we have recently found out. You had the pill and the motive of crime: we received new information that you saw your current husband John one day before the wedding.

-  But I only met John to tell him that I am getting married and we would not see each other again. And it was supposed to be the last time if Chris did not die…

-  Oh no, miss Holmes. Chris did not die. You murdered him, because you wanted to get rid of him and marry John.

-  I always wanted to marry John, but I never wanted to kill Chris. And I did not do that.

-  No, you did. And that is why we need to arrest you. We have the evidence about the cyanide pill that was in his mouth right at the moment of death which was not his pill, of course. It was yours.

-  Yes, detective. And I explained that already to the police at the wedding day. My thoughts during that evening with John were so powerful that I never wanted to admit my future unhappy life with Chris. So, during the wedding day, I took the pill into my mouth intending to kill myself during the wedding kiss. Chris just got shocked, but he died from heart attack. Everyone could see that.

-  Yes, that is also stated in reports. But that is not my job to deal with that now. You need to follow me.


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