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Free «Counter intelligence» Essay Sample

Counter intelligence (CI) is the efforts made by country’s intelligence networks to counteract an enemy or any other hostile intelligence organization from their acts of trying to gather and collect any information about them. The main aim of CI networks is to defend from attacks of the enemy. Therefore, the role of intelligence units in any country is to protect that what it can as there are a variety of challenges and a wide range of potential threats from enemies. The aim of this paper is to profile the main functions of the counter intelligence units in a country, highlight new challenges and threats faced by CIs, and lastly, give recommendations that will help enhance the protection of intelligence while safeguarding against those who may exploit it. 

Components of National Intelligence 

According to the US Department of State website, a counterintelligence program is designed to prevent, detect, and neutralize efforts by foreign intelligence services that target the Department of State facilities, personnel, and its diplomatic missions around the world. It is done by the Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence. The CI officers are involved in CI inquiries and counterespionage investigations with the U.S. intelligence service and other government agencies. All these investigations are usually carried out in close coordination with the FBI with the main aim of prosecuting allegations or instances of suspected spying. This division is also involved in several other security awareness and counterintelligence training programs for the U.S. government personnel, especially those requesting or wanting to access the sensitive Department of State facilities and information. The training programs are used to enhance the understanding of not only the local intelligence but also of the foreign intelligence and espionage threats and, thus, institute countermeasures by educating staff on the environment of foreign intelligence.  Additionally, the FBI relies on security engineers, who detect, deter, or neutralize attempts by foreign intelligence services who may plan to penetrate into security of offices or areas of residence. Therefore, they are involved in such activities as detection of simple listening devices and complex ones, like the use of sophisticated electronic systems and devices.



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According to the CIA, some of the accomplishments of CI include foreign economic collection, training, and DOE Counterintelligence Implementation Plan. Others include CI training, CI-Cyber pilot program, and assessment of Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Capabilities. Therefore, it is clear that CI is involved in defensive analysis by looking for vulnerable places in an organization, counterespionage, which is a set of techniques that neutralizes or arrests FIS personnel, and lastly, counterintelligence force protection source operations, which are used to fill a national level gap in protection of field station.

How Counter Intelligence Has Been Affected/ The Changes That Have Been Made

CI has been affected in very many ways in the recent past due to many challenges of potential threats. Due to this complexity, many governments have realized the need to organize their CI organs distinct from their other intelligence collection services mainly for specialized services. In the US, for example, the CI is spread over several organizations: domestic counterintelligence service (example here includes the FBI) and the military organizations having their own CI forces that can operate both at home and even abroad. This includes the mission of CIA working on protective security, especially for US embassies and consulates around the world. 

According to the CIA, the past few years have indicated that the threat from foreign intelligence has become more complex, diverse, and, thus, difficult to effectively deter as it was before. Therefore, CI should be able to protect sensitive national security information and, thus, be able to prevent any industrial, technological, or commercial information from leaking out. Hence, CI efforts should be aimed at providing a security program that is able to constantly evaluate the intentions and the targets of foreign intelligence. This means that intelligence has now to depend on the adequacy of CI programs to provide the required protective and warning measures against the perceived traditional and now non-traditional economic threats to US equities. Failure of which may negatively impact on the prosperity of America not only abroad but also at home. This calls for the federal government and other arms of the government to be aware of the threats and adhere to the prescribed staff and physical security procedures and standards in accordance with risk management principles.

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Recommendations to the Counterintelligence

For the CI mission to be accomplished successfully, the US policy makers and other arms of intelligence must successfully indentify, neutralize, and deter any intelligence threats that may be directed at personnel, facilities, and other information technologies. The office of CI should be able to develop and effectively implement a CI program that is able to protect and deter any imminent attacks. Training of such personnel in the CI should be done in accordance to the established criterion that ensures professional training of CI officers throughout. As put by C. White, the challenge to CI organizations the world over comes from changes in methods and not only from dimensions of the worldwide intelligence. Due to this, unlike in the past, CI activities cannot be isolated to few areas but should encompass neutral, unfriendly, and even friendly countries the world over. This calls for an alert and flexible CI organization that will be capable of adapting and anticipating a rapidly changing society with different tactics in operations.


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