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School based violence can be said to be violence that mostly occurs within the school setting. It can be caused by disagreement among the students or the student versus the school administration. This essay looks at the school based violence in New South Wales.

There are many cases of school based violence in almost all public schools in New South Wales. These cases involve students who have been found with weapons. The Department of Police and the Department of Education have been issuing contradicting information on the incidents which have occurred in these schools. Police reports show that the cases of violence in schools are few while the Department of Education shows that they are in the rise.

There is an incidence where a twelve-year old boy was stubbed to death at a Brisbane school plus a case where an eleven-year-old boy was arrested in Sydney after threatening another boy with a knife amidst a fight between them (Robinson, 2012). Another incidence which cannot escape my attention is where a Melbourne youth worker said there was no difference between a child carrying a knife and a mobile phone. Evidence of information published in 2009 indicates increase in the number of students possessing weapons, which can cause bodily harm to an individual.

The key individuals involved in this incidence are students. These are students who disagreed with their colleagues and who were ready to harm them. The driving forces of these conflicts are the students under the influence of drugs or threatened by either fellow students, which make them feel insecure, and thus need to possess these weapons to protect themselves. Another driving force is alluded to students who see violence in their homes or in the street and come with the same trait to school. In the cases above the Police was the criminal justice agency which has been used to intervene to combat the situation by arresting the offenders and disarming the students with weapons. The intervention of the Ministry of Education and the police helped greatly to combat these incidents though not completely. This is caused by the fact that the police and other stakeholders seem to deny some incidents and thus becoming a threat to winning this war.


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