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There are several reasons why humans are engaged in writing. When writing personal narrative students need to narrow the subject into a manageable amount and develop writing strategies. There are such strategies like power writing, clustering, brainstorming, developing journalistic questions, interviewing or doing enough research on the subject.

So what are the purposes of writing? Writing is a form of communication and thus the primary reason for writing is to communicate something to the intended audience. Usually to find necessary information it is possible to consult written materials e.g., the Internet materials providing more information on what person is looking for.

Before writers start putting pen to paper, there are rhetorical elements that they have to consider. These elements include the purpose of their writing, their audience, the mode of writing and the genre they will use in writing. Some purposes of writing also include entertaining or writing for educational purposes e.g., journals. In doing this, writers develop a cause and effect by attempting to describe the action that produces the results and can be done by use of example (called writing exemplification). In writing for informative purposes, writers usually have to use a descriptive language in order to create images in a reader’s mind (called mental pictures). Thus a writer has to use an analytical explanation to compare and contrast between two or more objects.

Usually when writers start their work, they have to define what they are doing. There are different ways that writers can use to define this; by looking the words in the dictionary or giving attachments to emotional words. Then the writers can give the reader a step-by-step direction on whatever they are passing across otherwise called process analysis. To achieve good results it is better to do enough research, exposition and analysis of the situation beforehand. All in all, the purpose of writing should be clear: to persuade the reader into concurring with your views and hence such kind of writing is useful for advertisements and for personal narratives. To be effective, the writer should be able to express his/her feelings fully.


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