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In the sixties a lot of reforms took place in the society. People were interacting with each other while in other parts of the world war existed. A lot of events took place some leading to civilization of some states. The changes in the society led to involvement of conflict between the inner and out person and different ethnic groups. A lot of movements and groups formed in order to fight for human rights in the sixties. The social groups in that period did not care about involvement of personal life and concentrated in making sure that people will have freedom to do their own things.


In the sixties a lot of reforms took place and some people in the society felt as if they were deprived their rights. Many people thought that the counter culture fought against everything that existed in the society. The counterculture fought to promote peace and equality between every person in the community disregarding of gender, race or ethnicity. The war on drug started in early sixties and continues up to date. Some drugs in the societies were accepted but the social movement described good and bad drugs. Drugs like marijuana was popularly used in many states but the movement abolished the use and declared it as illegal drug. Up to date the drug is prohibited and any person held taking it serves prison term. Social groups also started projects in educating the youth on community involvement. Some groups worked in pipes fixation, while other concentrated in electricity. The projects which started in the sixties exist today and people enjoy the services. The wars broke up and even today the government of America continues to wage wars on the countries which tried to attack in sixties.

In the sixties, the societies was some how frustrating and encouraging. People were proud of being the part of the society. The counterculture was opposing anything but worked to ensure success and progress of each person. The antiwar movement in the sixties preached peace and worked to ensure that people leave together in hormone. Civil rights together with feminist movements fought for equality between genders. They ensured that women had gained power to work and provide for their families unlike staying at home to wait men to provide for their needs. The environment movement did not fight against the environment but worked to ensure that all living creature live independently. The groups fought to ensure success in the entire community. They did not fight to oppose the existing trends in the community though many things changed. Those who opposed felt uncomfortable for the change.


The counterculture fought to establish change and reforms in the civil and racial rights. Nothing seems to have been done because the things which started in sixties exist even today. Civil wars have not ended and as a result corruption has increased leading to poor infrastructure in provision of services. For example, government hospitals have few infrastructures to handle difficulty health problem and as a result people prefer going to private hospital. 


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