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Free «Phonemic Awareness Lesson» Essay Sample

We are going to play word games today-I will say a word and then you will break it. You will say the word slowly and afterwards tell me the sound of each in order. Example when i say fish you say ffffffff-iiii-sh. (the teacher should say the sound and not the letters).with each sample, the teacher is to help the child in segmenting the word and tell the child to repeat the segmented word. Thereafter a test of 22 items is given to the child. If the child's response is correct the teacher will respond by saying, “that is right”. If the response is incorrect, the correct response is provided by the teacher and circles the correct answers.


The child will say


The teacher will say


Use of onsets and rime

Repetition of word

stretching of word

Spelling of word

Saying of first and last sound.

Saying of another word

Saying a sentence
















The score of the child is the number of items that segmented correctly into phonemes. If he says c-at instead of c-a-t, the blank line after the items is where the response is written. Responses that are correct have right use of phoneme in the word. a phonemically aware student is that one who segments all the items correctly while those who segment some have emerged  phonemic awareness. Those who cannot segment any words lack enough phonemic awareness. 

Starting sounds

Phoneme isolating

phoneme matching



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Directions:  Am going to say words and i need you to listen and tell me the words at the first sound of each


Directions:  Am going to say words and i need you to listen and tell me the words at the first sound of each


Model: The word I will say is cat. in this word /c/ starts at the beginning of the word

Model: listen to this fish, fit and girl. Fish begins with the same sound as fit /f/


Share: together let us say the word bat. The sound at the beginning is /b/


Share: we say the words together mark, mat and cow. What words have the same sound? It is mark and mat /m/


Assess: you will say every word after me and then you say the beginning sound.

Goat five seven apples

Monkey three two

Assess; you will listen to these words and say the ones with the same sound

Mike mark party

Bat baby fish



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