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Free «Applied Research Project: How to Write a Kitchen Manual» Essay Sample


The aim of this project is to help people improve the lifespan of their kitchen and kitchen wares while utilizing them to the fullest. It is also aimed at helping people to reduce kitchen related incidents such as kitchen-fire and injuries. The research is based on sampling some commercial kitchens, for example those of hotels as well as a number of personal kitchens. It involves checking the cleanliness levels of the kitchen and its accessories as well as handling of the equipment. From the results, it is common that people handle the tools and equipment differently as well as maintain the average cleanliness.


Kitchen is very important domestic place in every home. Many people differ in their kitchen use. The uses may range from dining, laundry, storage and maybe washing of utensils. In the current world, the kitchen is used mostly for cooking and related services. This has led to the enlarging of the kitchen space. The kitchen should be furnished with equipment and accessories such as a sink, refrigerator, microwave oven and kitchen utensils. Some of this equipment can be hard to use and a person has to be shown how to use them at first. Good kitchen is everyone’s dream. For this reason, good kitchen should be well stocked and as easy to use as possible. Everybody wants a kitchen where everything is in its place and available when needed. There are also precautions that should be considered when using a kitchen. It is for this reason that a kitchen manual has been, is and will be very important.



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A kitchen manual can be described as a guide as to how a person can use the kitchen easily. It can be a written reference book with instructions and the best ways on how to handle some equipment. Considering that some kitchen equipment is very expensive, caution and care should be taken when handling it. This reduces the chances of injuries and breakages in the kitchen. It also helps to improve and maintain efficiency and effectiveness in the kitchen. Other tools like kitchen knives can easily cause injuries. A manual should be able to outline all classes of kitchen equipment and how to handle and maintain them. It also outlines what should and should not be done in the kitchens.

It has been noted that the majority of people are poor kitchen users. They classify their equipment badly, and as a result, they handle them poorly. This reduces the lifespan of the equipment. The research is aimed at helping people to make maximum of their kitchens while incurring the least possible expenses. It is also aimed at reducing kitchen related injuries.

Structure of a kitchen manual


A kitchen manual should be precise and easily understood by people using the kitchen. It should convey as much information as possible. It should be well organized in such a way that a person will not struggle or have any difficulties in finding out anything there.

Components of the kitchen manual

a) Rules and regulation

First and foremost, it should contain kitchen rules and regulations. This involves issues such as the kitchen should always be clean at any time. This includes cleaning the utensils, sinks and emptying dust bins after the kitchen use. If it is a commercial kitchen, then those entering the kitchen facilities should be limited to the staff. Issues such as reporting any damage that might have occurred in the kitchen should also be included in this list. Activities such as smoking which is a health danger to people should also be prohibited in the kitchens. Other people, especially children, should not be allowed to use the kitchen facilities on their own, and their access should be limited as much as possible.

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b) Classification of kitchen equipment and tools

The description and classification of all the equipment available in the kitchen should also be included here. Kitchen equipment may be classified as small equipment and utensils, measuring and miscellaneous items, large equipment, mechanical equipment among many others. Of these, the small equipment and utensils can be further classified as knives, spoons, sieves and colanders, pots and pans, spatulas, measuring cups and spatulas. Knives should be grouped according to their size and what they are used for. Cups are mostly classified according to their sizes. The material used to make them, for example, plastic or metal, may be another factor to consider when grouping. The spoons, on the other hand, include the slotted spoon, wooden spoons, metal spoons and the serving ladle. The mixing equipment will range from handheld electric mixers to wire whisks and eggbeaters. The sieves will vary according to the nested size while the colanders depend on the material that is used to make them. Pots and pans can be grouped according to their use and size. As a result, there are boiling pans, deep-fat fryers and trays. The large equipment includes cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other facilities. When the items are classified, it is a lot easier for a person to choose the equipment that he or she will require. Searching something in a kitchen that is not well arranged can be a daunting task for anyone.

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c) Choosing a kitchenware

The factors to consider when selecting the equipment should also be part of the manual. For example, it is always advisable to consider the equipment that uses the least amount of resources to perform certain tasks in the kitchen. This helps in reducing the costs of running and operating the kitchen. The number of people that are to be served at that particular time should also be taken into consideration. As a result of this, much time is saved in serving them. Poor choice of cooking equipment can lead to a waste of time as well as frustration to the cook.

d) Correct use of the kitchen equipment and tools

Kitchen equipment is at times harder to use than we think.  Majority of people might think that they know how to use them, but only few can use them correctly. Therefore, it is important to have a manual with all the instructions and directions on how to use them correctly. It is advisable that a kitchen should have the firefighting equipment. Although very few have such equipment, a number of people cannot use it. This makes it another important aspect that should be included in the manual. It should be about the proper usage of the equipment in case of a fire occurrence or incidence. This will help to reduce the high number of casualties as a result arising from kitchen fires. There are also a lot of breakages as a result of poor handling of refrigerators. People tend to use much force when opening and closing its door, yet with just a little force you can open and close it. A manual with the techniques used in it can be of much importance and hence reduce breakages and their cost.

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Taking into consideration that most of the people are middle level earners, not all families have all the equipment that a kitchen should have. However, most of them have more than enough to cater for the families. Again, most families are not that large and, as a result, most major equipment will not be required since it will be just a waste of money. There is also a tendency among the people to buy less sophisticated accessories.

e) Maintenance of kitchenware

Kitchen equipment needs to be maintained as any other machinery so as to increase its lifespan. As a result, maintenance tips should be included in the kitchen manual. Cleanliness is such an important aspect so that it should be considered and be maintained in every kitchen. It greatly helps in reducing the chance of occurrence of illnesses and also improves healthy living. Maintenance of the kitchen is like keeping a person healthy, and as a result, everyone will get to enjoy using the facilities. Cleaning the cookware and maintaining its cleanliness is one of the hardest ever things to do for most of the people. It is advisable that a person uses warm water, a detergent and a non-abrasive cleaning pad or cloth to clean them.

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The tools should not be left in the sink for too long. They should be washed and left to dry on a drying rack in a warm place. Sink should be cleaned and all water drained from it after use and before leaving the kitchen. If left unattended to, it might result to a smelly kitchen. Utensils should also be well cleaned. After that they should be dried and stored in the utensil rack depending on their category. Wooden tools and boards should not be soaked in water since wood will swell if it is placed in water for too long. Some tools, such as the baking ovens, need more care and maintenance than the others, since they are very sensitive. Crumbs and flour accumulating on the ovens should be cleaned off. The inside of the oven should also be cleaned as food buildup will affect the temperature of the oven. The blender is another common kitchen tool. At times people overfill it. As a result, the ingredients or components are not properly mixed. All the filling limits of such tools should be included in the kitchen manual. It should also be emphasized that no more than the maximum amount of ingredients listed in the manual should be used in the blenders.

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People are good at ignoring small things. They assume the basics and throw away the manufacturers’ guides on how to maintain the kitchen tools without even having a look at them. This may appear to be okay at first, but it will have long running effects in the future. This is why having a well-defined kitchen manual with all the rules, advices, maintenance that a person wishes to have in his or her kitchen is very important. This will aid in having the kitchen as the owner wants it to be. Proper adherence to the manual will therefore increase the lifespan of the kitchen tools. The implementation of the content of the manual may be a hard task, but after that it will be fun being in the kitchen.


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