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Psychedelia mostly is a subculture associated to persons who use psychedelic drugs, psychedelic artwork and music .this is gotten from the experience attached to altered consciousness attached to distorted and surreal visuals, sound effects, reverbation, bright colors, full spectrum and animation to evoke and convey to the viewers the artists experience using the drugs. As psychedelia emerged, it became a prominent commercial force through works of artists like the Beatles. Influenced pop music that used hippie fashions, sounds of sitars, fuzz guitars and tapes. Artists influenced by psychedelia and their songs are;

Beach boys’- good vibration’, donovan’-sunshine superman’, the easy beats-’friday on my mind’, James brown-’ dance to the music’, the beetles-’ feel fine’, the byrds-’eight miles high’.

The origin of the word blue was derived from mysticism associated with blue indigo, used by West African cultures when holding death and mourning ceremonies. The mourners’ garments would be blue to indicate suffering. Blues are a name given to a musical form and genre that has origin in the African-American communities especially the ‘deep south’ around the end of 19th century. This was from spirituals, ballads, field hollers, shouts and chants. It has other characteristics such as specific lurics, bass lines and has several genres ranging from country, urban blues. The word blues also is referred to as blue devils meaning sorrow and sadness. This was used in the African-American music when Hart Wand’s Dallas Blues was the first copyrighted composition of blues music. With the recording of crazy blues in 1920 by Mamie smith’s marked the start of blues music and culrute, in the same year more than 450 other blues titles had been already recorded and appeared in sheet music. Some of the songs were; Robert crazy’s -‘strong persuader’, john lee hooker’s- ‘the healer’, Stevie ray Vaughan’s -Texas floods’, Erick caldrons -unplugged, mamie smith -crazy blues, Hart wand’s -Dallas blues.


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