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Leadership is a concept of management that exists in almost all daily activities that one is able to undertake. Any activity or task done is leadership oriented because it involves making of decisions in order to find an amicable solution in managing a crisis (Northouse, 2007). In respect to this leadership theme, the movie under discussion in this work is titled Trespass. There are many various areas which the movie reflects in terms of the action, context and roles undertaken by the characters. The movie Trespass is mainly reflecting intruders in a family’s home which had taken the family with surprise. The invasion in the family home was not common in most cases and this surprised them very much. As has been defined by scholars, leadership involves the ability of a person to influence, give motivation in a way that enable a successful outcome form a given situation (Northouse, 2007).

In the movie Trespass, when the thugs confronted the family taking out their resources, the man led the family, in preventing the thieves from getting into the safe, where their interest of operation was. This was championed by the father and demonstrated some kind of leadership in preventing the vice, by taking a strong stand to divert away this vice. When a gang of cold blooded thugs raided Kyle and his family, it has called for good leadership approach which had ensured escape (Leydon, 2011). This necessitated the family to avoid any uncalled behavior that could have led them into the more devastating effects. In a way, they had to make good decisions in order to escape from the attack by the criminals. This involved good strategic moves that could only be made by good leaders in a practical situation.



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The head of the family, a successful business man who was dealing in sale of diamond had shown the audience that he had good leadership ability. He was able to venture into the lucrative business and became the center of admiration. This made the criminals to follow him up in his home to demand for money kept in the safe. In this case, through leadership, the value of performance and quality is high and this is why there were good returns from the business. He was standing out to be one of the successful persons who was having wealth and that is why he became the target of the criminals. The movie shows that leadership always starts from the family level. It helps one to stabilize in order to defense the family activities and investments hence this helps to be financially independent. Money generating process requires that strategies are laid down in order to get the required support be in emotional, social and in financial aspects as the movie reflects.

Proper leadership in the first place is crucial because it makes issues straight. For instance, in the movie Trespass, the thugs seemed to be disorganized hence they were not able to escape with the cash from the family of Mr. Nicolas Cage. The gang leader by the name of Elias was providing leadership strategies that could enable them undertake a successful operation. This operation was not successful, because for such a mission to be successful, the gang had to be consistently prepared to win the loot (Nicolas & Nicole, 2010). This showed that they never had any strategies for working out ways for becoming successful. The structure for this operation was never laid effectively hence it resulted into the relief of the family which was under the raid.

The gang leader just walked in with his girl friend and other friends of theirs and it showed that there were limited chances of undertaking the operation successfully. Leadership requires coordination and commitment and these qualities were not effectively reflected in the movie and especially on the gangs. Poor leadership strategies actually lead to the failure of the entire plans and this includes the plans of the gang and the desire to bring out a capturing movie among the rest. From the theory based on the concept of leadership, a successful leadership must have four factors, namely the leader, the follower, communication and lastly situation in place (Northouse, 2007).

The leader must understand themselves with his or her partners. The information known about the situation must be shown. In the movie Trespass, the head of the family being raided by the gang had not known the plans of the gang. They just ambushed in the process as the author had structured it. Knowing the forthcoming events helps in developing confidence in the leader so that proper mechanisms are placed in order to be successful in any difficulty. In the movie, the leader of the family who was the head by the name of Kyle Miller had no information about the prevailing gang criminals. Since he had good family members who were the followers, the situation turned out from being drastic to worse.

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The good communication they had with one another and especially the followers helped in solving the problem at that particular time. This reflected the four factors of leadership as named previously. On the other hand, the gang was shown as people who were not effectively organized. There were no proper coordination skills and the followers of the gang could not effectively coordinate the whole process just in order to escape away without more drama battles. Poor communication had also contributed to the entire process simply because as a factor in leadership, it was not captured and reflected well generally. However, in some instances, there could be good coordination and this is why the thieves managed to access the homestead of the businessman Kyle (Schumacher, 2011). This is a strategic move because it required better leadership to have this kind of plans to be carried out. The tight security in the affluent neighborhood did not prevent them from whatever they wanted. They trespassed to the point where the safe was with the intention to take away money.

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From the movie, it is better to note that there were two groups of people mainly from the gang and that of the family. The family is in the defensive side while the criminal gang is in the offensive side. Proper coordination and leadership help each side to perfect its activities in most instances.

Generally, for keen observation of the movie, it is worth noting that the movie standards do not show good leadership level based on its presentation. Its director Joel Schumacher had generally shown the poor organization and acting moves that were not creative. Creativity is a part of leadership because the followers may require one to make a wiser decision that would have greatest impact on the general performance. This is lacking in Trespass. Instead, most people had criticized the movie basing their arguments that it is a quit predictable work. A good work that reflects positive leadership should not be very predictable hence in terms of this context, it is not unpredictable one hence it did not create suspense even in its presentation.

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The presentation and the role of certain actors and actress reflects poor selection and matching of the characters hence does not show effective and direct leadership link with the actor. For instance, when Liberato plays role of typical daughter who rebels against parents in order to go to the party, this role is not very rewarding, but appropriate in showing that she championed against the parents and eventually head to the party (Holden, 2011). This is a misplaced projection because the role could be used better in other works. This shows that generally, the production is very good and it calls for unity in executing such moves. Lastly, with the help of leadership structure in any piece of work, when there is a well thought out procedure in handling problems, all poor governance and leadership can be erased away. The management aspect must be in place in order to be effective in the production process.


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