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The author emphasizes the importance of fun and advocates for its inclusion in main chores and learning that is traditionally perceived as serious and strict. Citing cases in formal education and music classes, the author is categorical through his understanding and preference of a less formal approach in class sessions. This is depicted using young children to illustrate how fun is an essential element, and he further gives adult examples of where fun applies in achievement of serious goals or targets in learning.

He explains that it is scientifically proven, the ability of the human mind to be at its best function when fun is integrated in a subject of interest by the teacher (Pp. 34). During sessions, the positive emotions initiated by fun in learning ensure maximum participation of the class and children become less mischievous. According to Joseph Pierce, emotional state of mind is essential in a learning process because this determines deeper understanding and retention power in memory (Pp. 34). Fear as traditionally practiced in learning inhibits the power of concentration and recall of the memory. This either prepares the learners to run away or spend their time fighting education as evidenced by the story of David Copperfield. David through fear experienced a diminishing recall power of memory in one session, under fear and negative criticism from his father in-law (Pp. 36). The comparison of fun and fear in the learning process is beneficial because it helps teachers understand how they can boost performance of poor students, through blocking some of the fear factors the students encounter in class.

I agree with the author about introduction of serious-fan because this has an elaborate psychological explanation towards positive output of the human brain. This is important for a new teacher because the teacher gets to understand how to motivate and share out the spirit in students. The active involvement of the five senses is critical because learning is not just for the mind but should as well, benefit the whole body.


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