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For any team to have a successful venture in the competitive sports industry there are various components that must be put in place in order to achieve the desired goals and objectives. In the world today, sports have become the best rewarding career and business opportunity to invest due to the fact that it is the most revenue generating activity. Taking into account countries that are the most developed and richest in the world for example United States of America, sports has been the key towards their rapid economic growth and success in general. This has been witnessed especially in countries that have hosted major sports events e.g. world cup and Olympics. In America, baseball is a major sport that has been the key of interest for many investors due to its competitiveness in the sports industry.

Boston Redsox is one of the most successful professional baseball team in the American League Eastern Division. They have won seven World Series titles, twelve American League pennants, six east Division titles and seven wild card berths. Their triumph has been due to various competitive components applied in the running of the club. They collaborate with various radio and television broadcasters e.g. Flagship radio station to provide live match broadcast, outline match analysis and market the club.

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Coaching tricks provided to the team are rare and unique and have contributed significantly towards the team’s success. In particular, their manager Bobby Valentine has been the provider of the coaching tactics which have given them a competitive advantage over other teams and has led to the success of the team. For example ,the ballpyers must keep  their eyes on the ball, the ball must be placed in the gloves of the pitcher after every hitter has retired, made an out, or had hit safely and was on base. This tactics ensured that the opponent would never toss the ball to the pitcher. The team has proved to be imperfectly imitable since they have maintained a good record all along for many years despite other teams trying to bring them down competitively.

Batting order strategy is another competitive element that has led to the success of the Boston Redsox. In order to win a baseball game, a team is required to set a batting order tactic as it provides the rules and regulations for the game. For example, if a team applies a baseball hitting tactic in order to win, the hitters must be placed in a batting order. The coach of the team who is the baseball field general must provide a strong line up in order to ensure all round firing from the team. This has been key to the success of the Boston Redsox team since their skills are non-substitutable and unique which is an added advantage that gives the team an upper hand over the others. Quality coaching has also helped the team to provide superior competition to other teams. This has been due to the fact that their coaches have more experience over other coaches.

The home advantage factor has also seen great impact in the performance of the Boston Redsox baseball team. This is due to the fact that they play with familiar facilities which are a disadvantage to other visiting teams.  The home advantage also ensures that the home team ensures more fan support hence providing motivation to the team. The Boston Redsox has also been boosted by individual talent such as Mike Lowell who was named the most valuable player when the team won the 2007 World Series. Thediscrete talent has been fruitful to the team in that different skills are combined together from individual players hence providing the team with adequate tactics to compete with other teams. This shows that the individual players are valuable to the team and have enabled the building of a strong team from individual talent and team success strategies have been put in place for the benefit of the Boston Redsox club. 


From the above discussed components and criteria, it is a clear indication that for any team to have a successful venture in the competitive sports industry, a team must employ various survival tactics in order to achieve the set objectives. In the world today, most investments have been directed to the sports industry since it generates most revenue compared to other forms of business hoards.


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