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Free «Discipline and Integrity» Essay Sample

Military discipline is the regulation of behavior of military members. They are required to exhibit high levels of discipline both within their workplace and outside it. This means that each of them is required to be an example to the rest of the community and ensure that the army is respected in all the activities and operations it engages in. Integrity is the act of being consistent in one’s values, behavior, principles, methods, and outcomes. Integrity is accompanied by actions such as being impartial and accountable in one’s own actions. All disciplined forces around the world would require their members to have high levels of discipline and integrity because of various reasons. Discipline is significant because it enhances effective communication within the army and promotes team work within the army. Integrity on its part is vital because it enhances trust in the army and it promotes courage within members of the army.This essay explicates the significance of discipline and integrity in the army.



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Discipline is significant in the army because it enhances proper communication between individuals. Communication is a significant tool for success of any particular army. It is vital for the army to develop proper communication that would ensure that every instruction is effectively executed. With discipline, proper communication skills are developed within the army hence ensuring that there is a smooth flow of communication between individuals. This means that issues emanating from the junior members of the army reach the top-level members of the army and feedback is given back within the required time. This boosts the level of confidence in the services delivered by army members. Disciplined communication within the army ensures that orders are effectively taken and acted upon accordingly. Communication within the army is a key tool to the prosperity of the army as it ensures that all the enemy areas are covered and the entire army is acting on the safe side. Open communication within the army ensures that there is a required level of internal peace and the promotion of effective service delivery within the army. Communication is the strongest tool that enhances the success of the army through the pursuit of communication among members.

Another importance of discipline is the promotion of teamwork within the army. The army can succeed only in cases where sound teamwork in the conduct of operations is created. It cannot succeed in cases where all members are divided and unable to work towards a common objective. Disciplined members are able to appreciate others and work in collaboration with others for the common good of the country and the areas that are safeguarded by the army. Teamwork ensures that the members of the army are able to assist each other in significant operations. There is no individual that is left to deliver services in isolation but all individuals work together for the best interests of the army. Teamwork within the army ensures that all members are focused towards a common course of action that is beneficial to the entire army. It ensures that the army is recognized as a single unit with common goals. Thus, discipline ensures that all members work together as a team aimed at protecting the country from external and internal invasion. The army guards the country with a common interest as no member assists the enemy in the facilitation of attacks.

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Integrity ensures that there is trust within the army members and society. Trust is one of the key components for the success of the army. Integrity ensures that all members operate with the required levels of accountability and openness hence eliminating any fears of mistrust among members. People are able to trust each other in their entire operations hence deliver army services with the required level of confidence. Trust ensures that all members forming the army effectively believe in each other’s actions and there are no existing doubts in the delivery of their services. High levels of trust within the army ensure that there is accountability and impartiality in the delivery of services. With high levels of trust within the army, all activities are carried out in a manner that is required by the government and department of the army. Trust ensures that any individual within the army takes a task and fulfills it with confidence from other members. Army integrity also brings about courage in the execution of army activities and operations. The members of the army are required to exhibit high levels of courage in the execution of their duties and participation in the operations of the army. They are not required to show any sign of cowardice in the conduct of their duties as this could lead to losses at the battlefront. The enemy could also take advantage of the cowardice existing among the members of the army and destroy areas that should be protected. Therefore, high level of courage among members of the army ensures effective conduct in all the military operations. Courage emanates from the confidence that exists among the members as they conduct their operations in different places. They are able to take advantage of the integrity that is advanced to them and face all actions with the highest level of confidence. Integrity ensures that there are required levels of peace that boosts high levels of courage in the conduct of duties within the army. Integrity is the spice of the courage that all army units require among their members. Courage ensures that all the members within the army carry out their activities with the required level of determination hence fulfilling their mission in the army.

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In conclusion, discipline refers to the regulation of behavior among members of society including the army. All members of the army are required to be an example to the rest of society as they participate in various activities that they are entrusted with. The members of the army are required to be disciplined in order to succeed in all the activities that they are supposed to undertake by the law. Discipline is significant because it enhances effective communication within the army. Communication is a an effective way to success of any particular grouping within society. With high level of discipline, the army is also able to work in unison as one large team that is motivated to achieve common goals with society. Integrity is also a vital component of the army as it ensures that there is consistency of actions and conduct among members of the army. Integrity is in line with other actions such as impartiality and accountability in the execution of duties. Integrity ensures that there is courage among members of the army. Courage promotes the confidence with which individuals approach different situations in their operations. Furthermore, integrity ensures that members of the army work with the highest level of trust between themselves.


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