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Free «Eve and Tiamat» Essay Sample


All creation stories have something in common in that they explain the formation of the world. Man is a curious being, and he is always looking for answers about things that seem difficult. Therefore, creation stories, according to some people, arose as a reaction to man’s need to know the truth about the existence of the world. This nature of human beings is true because in all parts of the world people have their own creation theories. The creation story in Genesis and the creation story in Enuma Erish are related, and scholars have identified these similarities in terms of the way the two characters are treated (Stenudd, 2007).

Treatment of Eve in Genesis

Eve, in Genesis, is said to be the mother of the world, and this is true to the people who follow Christianity. In the creation stories, Eve is the person blamed for the fall of man, and she is seen as a weak person who fell to the trick of the serpent. The first man (man and woman) were instructed not to eat the tree at the middle of the garden, but they went ahead and ate the fruit. This made God angry, and he cursed these people. Eve was told that she will always be submissive and serve her husband; she was also told that she will have a lot of pain during child birth. This was a punishment for the evil she did, and in addition, she was told that, despite all this, she will always long for her husband. Therefore, the woman, Eve, will continually experience pain during childbirth.



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Treatment of Tiamat

In the Enuma Elish, Tiamat (the wife of Abzu) is the mother of all the gods. A war leads to the death of Abzu, and Tiamat seeks revenge by creating demons that she will use to wage war against other deities. However, Marduk is well prepared, and he defeats Tiamat and the demons. When Tiamat is defeated, Marduk splits her into two, and he fashions the heavens and the earth from Tiamats body (West Asian mythology, 2012)). The punishment of Tiamat by MArduk is very important since it led to the formation of the world. Therefore, people were able to live on the earth since they could not live in the world that the Gods used to reside.

Comparison and Contrast between Eve and Tiamat

First, the two characters are female characters, and they are the mothers of all preceding generations. The two characters are blamed for the disorder in the world since the world did not remain the way it was fashioned. The two characters are also seen as the ones that led to the suffering in the world. This is because they did some things that led to the punishment of all the preceding generations. The two characters differ in that Eve was mortal while Tiamat was a god. Eve was also not involved in any war with the deities, but Tiamat was involved in the war that caused her death (Stenudd, 2007). Although Eve sinned, she is not seen as evil as compared to Tiamat who organized an army of Demons to attack other deities.


The two stories offer some myths about the creation of the universe. The authors of these texts made sure to include the creation of things that are essential for human survival. Therefore, in both stories, there is the creation of land and water and foods that are eaten by humans. The accounts also show that conflicts are prevalent in the world since the world fell, as a result, from conflicts. Conflicts can also be solved since they resulted to some good things.


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