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I hold several conclusions from my research about ADHD. Firstly, I conclude that ADHD is a chronic condition that is commonly prevalent among school-aged children. It immensely distracts their attention on academics and other tasks that are perceived boring among students. The lack of attention is caused by frequent forgetfulness among these students. Secondly, I conclude that a child suffering from ADHD could show positive signs and eventually improve from the condition. Selikowitz (2009) asserts that parents need to continuously monitor and care for children suffering from the condition and ensure that they effectively recover. Lastly, I conclude that the diagnosis of ADHD is more personal than professional. This means that individuals need to effectively understand the symptoms associated with the disease and make quick diagnosis among children suspected to bear it. This will lead to gradual improvement in the attentiveness of the affected children.

I am still interested in researching on the condition due to a number of reasons. Firstly, I am still interested because most parents around the globe are looking for a solution to their children’s problems. I still want to research in order to shed light pertaining to the handling of individuals with the condition to all parents. This will ensure that those parents having children affected with the condition understand the manner of handling such conditions and hence improve their children. Furthermore, I am still interested in researching on the condition because of the contradicting statements pertaining to its treatment. Some individuals assert that it can be treated by the use of stimulants while others note that extensive research must be conducted before the treatment of the condition. These clashing viewpoint have boosted my interest in researching on the topic with the view to uniting the two points of view and forming a tangible solution.

I have new questions pertaining to the area of research that I engaged in. My first question relates to the key causes of the condition. I would want to get an in depth understanding of the key causes of ADHD. Another question relates to whether the condition could be prevented before it occurs among school age children or nit. Wender (2000) points out that this question seeks to find an answer on the effective measures that could be adopted by all authorities in order to ensure that ADHD is prevented prior to its prevalence among children in society. Accordingly, another new question touches on the effective exercises that the children suffering from the chronic condition must be introduced to. It must be noted that effective practice on certain matters could help in countering the negative effects of ADHD on an individual.

My next move is to determine the level of spread of the condition in society. I want to determine the effective levels at which the condition has hampered the concentration of children around the globe. My next move is to know the number of children affected per year around the world. The other move is to establish the most effective approach to the treatment of the condition. I want to ensure that I keenly compare the procedures involved in each method of healing the disease and eventually select the most appropriate. Thus, I will play an instrumental role in recommending the best method for the affected people. This will ensure that ADHD is gradually done away with and that most students are attentive. I am also determined to ensure that most parents get the news relating to ADHD, as this will help them to deal effectively with their affected children. They will accommodate the condition and take it positively hence facilitating gradual solution.


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