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Free «Struggling reader» Essay Sample

This essay provides a reflection of interviews conducted regarding children with reading problems. Three members were interviewed and they include parents of an elementary grade 2 student with a reading problem, an elementary literacy teacher, and an elementary principal regarding school-wide literacy program. The questions that I asked included the model of identification of learning disabilities employed, types of continuous literacy assessments the teacher employs, type of reading intervention employed by both the parent and the teacher. In addition, I sought to know whether the school maintains a home connection. Thus, the following is a reflection of how the interviews transpired.

The interview with the parent mostly concerned the type of model they employ regarding identification of reading discrepancies on their child. In addition, I also the queried the parent if the school keeps in touch with him regarding the child’s reading progress at home. The parent ascertained that RTI is the model employed in identifying reading disabilities on the child. The parent indicated that he monitors closely the RTI process employed by the school that the child attends. Thus, the parent indicated that he monitors the RTI process that the school employs through asking questions such as if the school employs the RTI process and if not, whether the school is intending to adopt one. Secondly, the parent asks questions regarding the scientific nature of methods employed in assisting the child or if the methods have some research backing. The parent also reckoned that knowing the duration that an intervention takes to ascertain whether a child requires is making progress regarding the intervention employed is essential. Lastly, the parent indicated that under the IDEA 2004 rights, it is mandatory that the school keeps him posted regarding the child’s progress as the right provided them with an opportunity to quest for an evaluation of a child’s special education eligibility.

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The teacher provided that he employs three basic techniques to help students struggling with reading. Firstly, the teacher indicated that he employs scaffolded instruction. Under this method, the teacher ensures that there is a read aloud context, which is followed by students moving into small discussion groups where the teacher assists the students in mastering words that they are not familiar with. Lastly, the teacher allows students to use the strategy employed on independent texts. The second method employed by teacher involves allowing the students enough time during the day for them to explore useful materials. According to the teachers, this facilitates the students to practice what good readers do with texts. Thus, before the lesson, a teacher focuses on the problem area that students are depicting while coming up with the appropriate ways of dealing with the problem. During the lesson, the teacher comes up with a graphic organizer that students participate in ensuring its modeling. At the end of the lesson, the teacher posed questions to the students such as whether their evidence matched their inferences and what motivated their decisions.

The principal ascertained that a school-wide literacy plan is essential for generating change. The principal confirmed that they employ an RTI process, which is not easy to start with, but stressed on the fact that it is essential for leaders who want to ensure literacy progress of the students in their institutions. The principal was categorical to note that a good literacy plan comprises of the student’s performance data, which is essential in planning the literacy improvement. The principal also mentioned that collection of data after developing and implanting a literacy plan is critical. However, the principal pointed out that this does not guide action, but it helps in eliminating ineffectiveness. Lastly, the principal indicated that the school maintains a home connection to ensure that progress is based in both lines as a delay in home can limit the efforts by the school.


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