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Free «Wrestling» Essay Sample

Wrestling is one of the most amazing sports all over the globe. Wrestling attracts many fans just like other sports such as football and rugby. There are stringent rules governing the sport and the players are required to adhere to these rules keenly and ensure that they act in line with the rules. The rules are meant to foster clean play among participants.

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This essay explicates my attitudes and beliefs before, during, and after a wrestling event that I watched live in New York.

I had eagerly waited for the wrestling event scheduled in New York City. I held various beliefs and attitudes before the event, as this was my first time to attend such an event. Firstly, I believed that muscular and well-built participants would dominate the entire event by winning the major titles. I could not imagine a less muscular individual winning any of the titles that were being competed for. In fact, one of the titles was the Heavy Weight Championship, which I thought was only received for individuals bearing heavy weights and not lighter individuals. I was positive about the success of the event and was anxious to see the entire action. In addition to the anxiety, I was nervous because of the severity of the injuries that I had seen some of the wrestlers suffer in the prior matches I had watched on television.

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During the event, every fan was charged. Each individual was busy cheering the wrestler that he supports for the different titles presented. Banners bearing the names of different wrestlers were raised high in the sky hence ensuring that there was effective support of the target wrestlers. The wrestlers for the first match emerged from their preparation rooms amid cheers and jeers. One of the wrestlers was excessively huge compared to the one he was going to face in the Heavy Weight Championship. I believed that this was not fair. They could have selected individuals that are able to compete effectively. I was of the view that the entire exercise was unfair. I immediately developed a negative attitude towards the heavier wrestler and dedicated my support to the less muscular wrestler. The match began with most of the cheers dedicated to the lesser muscular wrestler. I was amazed at the tactics that he employed in dealing with the muscular man that was perceived dangerous and untouchable. Unbelievably, the less muscular wrestler dominated the event with winning the title. I was surprised and could not believe because I had thought otherwise prior to the match.

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After the event, I imagined of the manner in which the less muscular wrestler had employed significant tactics and won the match that most individuals had written him off. I believed that one would only be successful in the world in cases where he acts with high levels of courage and determination. I believed that positivity is essential for the success of any particular individual. The hugeness of an individual should not mislead individuals hence leading to unnecessary fear of the individual. People should act with the adequate levels of courage and should employ all the tactics at their disposable in case they wish to be successful in any particular event. Therefore, I was of the attitude that bravery matters more than the strength that an individual posses. This event changed mean largely as it enabled me realize the significance of courage in the lives of individuals. It enabled me to develop more belief in my actions and approach to the different issues in society. It made me develop positivity in all the actions and events without considering their difficulty.


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