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In today’s world, no society is culturally homogenous. People have migrated and settled in different parts of the world currying along their cultural ideas and practices. This diversity is thus present in every society and every classroom. In this regard, understanding learners cultural diversity help in make a teacher responsive to the learners needs. The key points in the assigned readings on “Understanding learners and their cultural backgrounds” are as noted bellow.

In Gallavan’s “Helping teachers unpack their ‘invisible knapsacks” the key point is equipping teachers with knowledge and increasing their confidence, competence and preparedness that will bring about the needed variety of approach towards all learners, learning institution and classrooms (Gallavan, 2005). “Home/school communication for literacy development” by Schmidt Patricia and Izzo Andrea is mainly concerned with importance of self knowledge in appreciating cultural differences; it thus emphasizes understanding oneself a core for understanding others., thus provides a modality for strengthening the links between community, homes, schools, and classrooms through the understanding of cultural diversity (Schmidt &Izzo, 2003). In the third reading “Educating Teachers for Diversity: Elements 9 and 10” the key point is that teacher must be educated on how to embrace diversity, and that this can be best achieved by teacher forging strong interpersonal relationships with the learner.

Based on my experience, I can incorporate the information share in this reading in various ways. First I will us Gallavan’s ideas to create a classroom and learning instructions that address the challenges diversity. The classroom and instructions will embrace diversity. With Schmidt Patricia and Izzo Andrea ideas, I will incorporate the understanding of the learner’s communities, and cultural background to create instruction that forester corporation among the learner enabling them to understand themselves and thus appreciate each other’s cultures. Finally, based on “Educating Teachers for Diversity: Elements 9 and 10” I will ensure the classroom activities encourage students to corporate with me (as their teacher) to develop a strong interpersonal relationship and use my understanding of their cultural backgrounds to create teaching instruction that embraces diversity.

In sum, cultural diversity is part of our society, and teacher must embrace it and understand the cultural and educational need of individual learners. The readings collectively provide a modality of teachers understanding the learners’ need which are influenced by their cultural backgrounds. To incorporating them in classroom, I will create a classroom and learning instructions that forester collaboration, and provide me with an opportunity to understand every leaner as well as allow learners to discover themselves and understand and appreciate each other.


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