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This course is concerned with instructional methodologies procedure involved in classrooms. The methodologies encompass management of classroom, assessment and cooperative learning among others. The assigned readings handle various issues associated with instructional methodologies in different ways and have different key points concerning the subject.

The article “Instruction in high schools: The evidence and the challenge" by Corcoran & Silander has a key point is improving classroom instructional mythologies. They noted that accountability demands and standards-based reforms, which have been brought about by economic and technological changes, can ensure sustainable high performance by learners. To ensure accountability or achieve the stipulated standards, inclusion of technology in delivering instruction is required. Furthermore, the authors state that the organization structure and the high school constantly influence the instructional medium. They encourage individual teacher approach rather than forcing a teacher to be guided by a shared vision. Finally, the text explores various instructional approaches, how they can be conducted and how to examine the students.

The other reading is, “Classroom management training, teaching experience and gender: Do these variables impact teachers' attitudes and beliefs toward classroom management style?" by Martin, Yin &Mayall. The key point is in difference in teacher training on classroom management, difference in teacher attitudes and experience in management of the classroom and difference in teachers’ gender and beliefs towards the management.

Based on my experience as a teacher, I would apply this content differently in various ways. First, the information will enable me create a learning environment of acceptable standards. In addition to the learning environment, I will be able to create proper learning materials and instructional medium. I will also be able to determine economic and technological developments and incorporate appropriate technology in classroom management and instruction delivery. Finally, I will be able to limit the influence of personal prejudices on classroom management.


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