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Multicultural education has undergone several changes over time to become what it currently is. The changes that shaped the education were a product of the multicultural education experience. Understanding the changes and experiences that influenced the development of multicultural education can significantly benefit teachers’ exercise of multicultural education in classrooms. The weeks reading are dedicated to creating awareness of the history of multicultural education.

The reading by Hill-Jackson et al (2007) is concerned with the teachers’ ability to relate to several cultures with attitudes skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand the growing leaner diversity. It is base of historical and research evidence indicating continued increase diversity in classrooms, while teachers are increasingly white and female. The key point is that training programs should pay attention to preparing teachers for challenges which they are likely to encounter in the multicultural diverse classrooms.

Mavrikos-Adamou (2003) traces the development of multicultural education after 1989 to address the needs of the increasingly pluralistic societies. The text addresses ambiguities in multicultural education in different areas, e.g. in Europe and in US, and seeks to foster the used of multicultural education in order to create respect for diversity.

McInerney (2001) examines the history of the multicultural education in austral since 1979, as well as the changes in teachers’ attitude. Its key point is the change in attitude toward multicultural education over time. Similarly, the reading by Gorski focuses on the development of multicultural education. It focuses on the reasons for development of multicultural education. 

Base on my experience, I will incorporate the information contained in these reading in my classroom and instruction by using them to shape the direction to ensure that they contain the spirit of multicultural education development. Multicultural education must meet the objective for which it was developed. 


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