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Teachers encounter challenges as well as opportunities while dealing with diversity in a classroom. The assigned reading clearly indicates the opportunities and challenges the teachers encounter. All the reading proves insights into how to approach diversity, attitudes towards diversity, and how diversity can be incorporated into the curriculum. Different people have different attitudes toward diversity; valuing diversity is critical and serves to distinguish various components or dynamics entailing diversity such as awareness, skills, and cultural competencies. The further reading presets national requirements for diversity. The work "Now that I'm Out in the Field: Student Teaching and Valuing Diversity" by Pope & Wilder discusses issues concerning NCLB act which is the national guideline on diversity issues in schools; the article also presents pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards diversity. The second work “Valuing Diversity in the Schools: The Counselor's Role” by Joe Wittmer explores how to incorporate diversity issues while counseling the students. School counselors can be very critical in teaching the learners the value of diversity due to their ability to communicate to the minds of the learners. Another article “Cultural Understanding: Reality in Valuing Diversity” by Aditya Tater also explores how to value diversity and incorporate it in learning institutions.

My experience in education gives me great insight into how to apply teaching instructions in the classroom setting. Firstly, knowledge of the diversity perception by the individual learners and their communities will influence my approach of teaching the learners. Understanding the learners’ perception means understanding their need and thus, striving for fulfilling these needs. Secondly, understanding of how to value diversity will also provide me with an understanding of what to incorporate in the instruction for different types of audience. Finally, the legal regulation of diversity will also serve as an important reference point while deciding on what to present to various audience. To sum up, understanding of all the diversity dynamics will facilitate my search for the appropriate way of communicating diversity to my students.


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