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The national institute for occupational safety and health (NIOSH) it is an institute of the United States federal agency. It is a professionally diverse organization representing a wide range ran of disciplines which include medicine, industrial hygiene engineering and statistics  (Kohn,  & Friend, 2010) The main obligation of the agency is to conduct research and amend recommendations for the prevention of work related injury and illness. It offers national; and a global leadership of preventing work related injury, disability and   fatality through information collection, performing scientific research, and transforming the idea attained into products and services.

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The secretary of labor is acknowledged as the head of the department of labor. The secretary has been dedicated the ability and plays a major role in exercising control and management of the department. The secretary also implements and suggests aws involving unions, the work place, and all other aspects involving any form of business- person differences (Kelleher, & Bell, 2009).

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The bureau of labor statistics (BLS) is a unit of the United States department of labor. According to the results of the recent research conducted, the bureau is depicted as the principal fact finding agency of the United States government in the entire field of labor economics and statistics. The main task of the bureau is to gather, process, analyze and disseminate essential statistical data to the public, congress, federal agencies, ate and local government, businesses and labor representatives (Kohn,  & Friend, 2010) . The bureau also operates as the main statistical resource centre to the department of labor.

The data presented by the bureau must be relevant to current social and economic issues, time line in reflecting today’s rapidly changing economic conditions, accuraate and consistent high statistical quality.

The national advisory council is a council that was established through the enactment of the post- Katrina Emergency Response Act. The major obligation of establishing the national advisory council was to dedicate the entire council the responsibility of ensuring effective and ongoing coordination of federal preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and other human caused disasters (Kohn, & Friend, 2010).

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The national advisory council advices the administrator of the federal emergency management agency an all the aspects of emergency management. The council incorporates the state, tribunal and lo9cal government and the private sector input in the development and revision of the national preparedness goal, the national preparedness system, the national incident management system, the national response plan and other related plans and strategies (Kelleher, & Bell, 2009).

Buy Federal Agencies Occupational Safety essay paper online

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