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In the modern times, plagiarism has been a word whose mention has been recurring in the context of academia. So to speak, when the word is mentioned in any context it brings the meaning of the use or rather a close replication of the language and thoughts of another author. It also brings about the depiction of another author’s ideas as one’s own original work. This is dishonesty and does not display the integrity that is required in academia. As a matter of fact, plagiarism has been a practice commonly pronounced among students, researchers or professors in the field of academia.

Over a long time, culture has had influence in the field of academia and this does not mean that so far this effect has subsided. However in the past, plagiarism was not condemned as it is in the modern world. Long time before the term attracted much attention from scholars, it was not seen as a violation but rather imitation was a sign of honor and thus it was not condemned. In the current modernized world, ownership as well as authorship of words and thoughts has turned out to be an issue that needs redress. As such, it has become academically illegal to copy or rather use and imitate ones thoughts, ideas or work without his or her permission.

In order to use someone else’s words and thoughts, it is required that the author is given exclusive authority over his or her work which should not be violated. This is achieved by crediting the person for the work by way of referencing and citation of what the author has contributed. By so doing, the reader gets to understand the fact that the ideas have been borrowed and as such, he or she can get the chance to get an extra mile to research even more to establish the originality of the ideas presented. In the recent times, intellectual property has ownership and authorship of which freedom is required and thus copyright conventions have come in along with laws protecting the authors from plagiarism.

In connection to this, citation is required of which if not done it translates to plagiarism. Apart from plagiarism, there are other terms used in this line of academia such as paraphrasing, credible academic sources, and citation requirements. In particular, paraphrasing is the same as restating ones ideas or thoughts of which though unavoidable is a form of plagiarism if the author is not credited through citation. This requires that one makes sure that he or she credits the author for his work who has the authorship of the intellectual property and knowledge altogether.

Likewise, credible academic sources are the kind of information sources that are trustworthy and reliable in this case. They may take the form of books, journals or web sources among others in the larger perspective. Similarly, citation requirements are those rationales that are meant to be followed in order to credit an author for his or her work. They involve systems like American Psychological Association and Modern Language Association abbreviated APA and MLA respectively among others as such.

As a matter of fact, there has been a quest to live in communion and in the past imitation of ones ideas or intellectual property was not a big issue of concern. Nonetheless, unlike non-western word, in the western modern world, plagiarism has been condemned of which is a form of imitation. In the same line of thought, credible academic sources have been introduced with several citation requirements being provided as a guideline to avoid plagiarism and academic fraud. Cultural attitudes toward and presumptions about whether a person can own words and knowledge have changed over time .Modern trends such as globalization and easy access to information through internet has affected these presumptions making it easy for one to plagiarize. Nonetheless, there have been high technologies that have as well evolved to curb plagiarism by students, researchers, writers, musicians, professors and all others that are involved in the academia. This encourages innovation and quest for originality in academia together with gain of money to the benefit of all in the society.


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