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United Nations, (UN) is an international organization that is affiliated to many agencies in the global market and this makes it an international business hub. UN faces great challenges in keeping up with managerial responsibilities for effective administration of duties. In this regard, there is need to review and change redundant control mechanisms of management in order to maintain top performance.

UN must stand strong in the economic front because of the numerous international roles that the organization plays. For instance, the military component may at times cater for the up keep of UN peacekeepers in war-prone areas. This takes careful planning and coordination for a successful peace mission. According to Voefmann, (1997), “Generally, a mission consists of military and civilian components. The Security Council resolution gives mandate for each component.” Following the General Assembly resolution and UN Agency Executive Boards, it is the responsibility of the organizations under UN to source for suppliers from less developed and developing nations. This is aimed at redistributing procurement for an equitable geographical representation.

The organization structure of UN is complex as it includes centers, commissions, and organizations among other international bodies that operate on different structures and institutions. Many organs under the UN report to General Assembly, Security Council and Economic, and Social Council. According to the United Nation System, (2006), these organizations include UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, and UNCTAD among many others. Other than the organizations, as has been mentioned there are 17 other agencies and bodies that constitute the organization structure of the UN. Full details are available from, United Nations Report, (2006, p. 4). 

Federal Government of the United States

The federal government is the second largest employers in the United States after Postal Service, employing around 2 million civilians and 85% of this population work away from the Washington, DC area according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2011). The main role of the Federal Government is to defend the American territory from internal and external aggression, protecting national interest of the American people, enforcement drafting, implementing, and enforcement of national laws and regulations, and domestic administration of national programs and agencies. Americans play a vital role in working towards accomplishment of these roles. As an industry, there has to be a platform and set of rules that govern the smooth running of activities. National administrations are run by constitutions and it for this reason that the Americans sought to create one almost 200 years ago. The U.S. constitution established three earns of government, the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. All these branches had difference roles but with equal powers.

Legislative branch makes and amends laws to structure the legal system of the land, the biggest lawmaker is the Congress, and Senate and House of Representatives also form the legislature. The judiciary interprets law while the executive carries the biggest responsibility of running national issues. The executive comprises of the Executive Office of the President, which is assisted by a number of councils and other several offices. The executive also include 15 executive Cabinet administrations run by top organ known as the Secretary. Most federal employees work on full time basis with schedules that are easy to reorganize to give workers opportunity to adjust their programs. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2011), “because of the wide range of Federal jobs, working conditions vary considerably.”

Washington Think Tanks and the Media

The American land in blessed with magnificent cities with signature industries, for instance, Los Angeles is referred to as the city of movie and television industry. The Washington ideas to run the economy are based on the think tanks and institutions of higher learning that makes the city an intellectual leader. “DC is home to about one-fifth of all the think tanks in the United States. Another 149 are in Virginia and Maryland. Budgets range from a few hundred thousand dollars to $80 million,” (Singer, 2011). The American land and economy is majorly dependent on the huge idea industry. The Brookings Institution is the best think tank according to rankings based on power to influence and command of respect.

The media on the other hand is also referred to as the Fourth State depicting that the media plays as important role in the U.S. as the three arms of government. The media is like guardian in the democratic space in America. According to U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Germany, (2010), “That role is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1789, stipulating that Congress not enact any laws abridging freedom of the press.” The media plays an important role in educating American citizens and as such, an important link of the government to the people. For instance, economic situation as highlighted in the media shape the minds of listeners through the print, television and the modern development of internet. The media industry has evolved to become the most dynamic industry in recent times.

The aforementioned organizations are among the biggest in the world and influence both regional and international relations. The organization structures are complex with numerous and diverse job sectors. The organizations also offer chances to do business through procurement and suppliers opportunities that they provide. Careful analysis of the sectored components of the organizations and industry can, in a way, present job opportunity for a potential employee or business personnel. In addition, because there are many roles that these organizations play, not anybody seeking internship would fail to find a placement in the job sectors. The UN for instance, would most certainly have chances for voluntary services. This would be important for any student given that the organizations are highly ranked not only in the U.S. but also in the international level.


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