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Trends in resort vacations are continuously evolving and it is certain that these changes would only grow as time goes by. The traditional picnics and merry-making at the beaches is being replaced by new activities by holiday-goers. The spirit to adventure is driving man to even greater ambitions in a bid to satiate his desire to relax from the hustle and bustle on the world.

Resort developers are also increasingly designing new ways to adventure and take vacations. Take an example of the recent decision by Japan to include a hotel in their space station. It is very likely that people could very soon be boarding giant airships containing spacious apartments that hover above various popular destinations. In a similar manner to cruise ships in the sky, the floating holiday resorts would have bars as well as restaurants to relax in as well green gardens with fresh flowers and fruits for the rooms. The airships would draw their energy from natural elements to sustain them while afloat above various magnificent destinations all over the world.

With man slowly being able to land and explore other planets and terrestrial bodies, it is also likely that very soon there would be facilities that would be able to provide to host people in these places although only the super-rich could be able to afford this experience.With climate change increasingly becoming a major concern in the world, it is therefore likely that every facility would be environment friendly and also conserve all resources accordingly. Most lighting would be done via wind power and solar energy.

There would also be need to reduce on carbon emissions to space therefore necessitating the need for clean-fuels to be used to power holiday jets without harming the atmosphere. In general, future resort development would be very adventurous given the technological advancements that man has made and therefore able to design high-tech equipment to explore this galaxy. They would also have to be environment-friendly given the risk posed by energy usage in the world today.


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