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Public administration has an important role in managing functions and budgets of government agencies. The American public policy at the moment determines the role of a public administration as an organization that negotiates between the government, agencies and the public. At the moment, according to Rushefsky (pp. 14.) the adoption of new programs currently require agreement between two of the three following actors: the public, the executive branch and the legislative branch. Although new legislation and initiatives originate from the congress, it is often the case that they leave the decision on public administration. Apart from making public services adopt the new systems, initiatives and programs, public administration should be in charge of the research and negotiation as well as the implementation.

According to the new model of making decisions regarding public services, it is important that the government will aim for delivering the services which are the most needed and valued by the public. Although the main aspect of success is execution, planning the new policies and guidelines should involve more than carrying out instructions. As today budgets are created to suit the government’s and public’s initiatives, there is a need for research and forecasts to be carried out before the budget is approved and the work starts.

An important aspect of the American political system is that no agency or committee holds a sole authority in their policy area. This brings up the question: whose responsibility is it to deal with the overlaps and initiate consultation between different agencies and authorities? The role of public administration is complex, and it consists of analyzing policies, setting up organizational theories and ethics. The planning of the implementation is extremely important, as a successful strategy that is in accordance with the governments initiatives and public demands will provide successful outcomes. (Smithburgh et al. 2010. pp. 359.) Planning training, human resources, budgets and internal processes should be carried out with the help of a public administrator. Therefore, the role of the appointed public administrator extends further than carrying out instructions word by word provided by the congress, not to mention that often there is a need for changing policies or delaying projects due to negotiation issues or shortage of resources.


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