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Free «Synopsis of Strategy Four» Essay Sample

Learning to think and consume information is an important skill all children need in order to be able to face academic challenges. Strategy four provides useful tips on combining practical and ideological methods, all leading to interdisciplinary methods. Children should not be restricted to one subject, or their sense of imagination will not develop. Strategy four talks about the power of recombining ideas. This method is extremely useful when dealing with highly intelligent children, who are able to draw consequences and outline analogies.

Changing the direction of thoughts instead of dictating what children should think will enable them to become a confident and highly skilled intelligent person. Trying new ideas and solutions will lead to new discoveries, as well as a sense of achievement. There are many techniques to support this idea, and the book deals with them individually, to provide guidance and information of their use.

Da Vinci's Technique

Da Vinci is famous of his random pictures and drawings, and the grotesque images created by mixing up body parts is a creative task. When people learn, they do also have to learn how to come to new conclusions or create something new from the old. Mixing different disciplines does the same. In the postmodern philosophy, one of the most important statements is that there are no “unique texts”. They are a combination of existing words, letters or sentences. Just like with the language, there are thousands or millions of combinations for creating an image, although, the different body parts or facial features might have already appeared before.



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The da Vinci procedure involves setting challenges based on variable parameters. A list of parameters will be created and a random or structured combination will be the result of the imaginative challenge. Combining and recombining information in various different ways will reconstruct the way of thinking. This method does also help business owners create a slogan or business mission statement, or even a sales letter, using a random combination of words to gain new ideas.

Inventive Problem Solving

This method is originated from Henri Poincare, who also believed that innovative way of thinking is always starting with creating a large number of variations. The method is extremely useful to solve difficult problems by getting rid of the fixed factors. The relationship between the factors can be altered to help the solution.

This method also involved setting parameters for dimensions and listing variations. After all the variations are listed, a random combination is made. This method can be used for business purposes, to be able to get more attention and the factors should be the market, people’s way of thinking and methods.

The combination can be done at different levels to achieve multiple solutions. Analogies can be drawn. The different levels of parameter settings are: key-word combinations, combining existing information, combining the unrelated, combining problems, combining words, combining ideas (related or unrelated) and combining multiple perspectives.

Combining talent is one of the most advanced teaching methods, providing solutions for interdisciplinary learning. This way of teaching utilizes and develops every single skill and piece of knowledge the child might have by combining ideas, (mostly unrelated) and multiple perspectives. Reasoning skills will be developed, according to Howard Gardner's book, and if we look at famous people’s friendships, how a musician can enjoy poetry and the other way round, we will see that not only reasoning skills will get enhanced. Combining talent is a perfect method for group brainstorming sessions, when the educator lets students’ thoughts flow freely. Combining domains can also become effective when teaching history or history of arts.


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